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Featuring Curious Matters

I am very excited to present to you a very good friend and bargain hunting buddy Amy Gurr who just opened her own Etsy store Curious Matters. She is my great source of bargain deals and yard sale events. And I'd like to mention, she does crafts like sewing and crocheting. I can't wait till she finally put her finished crochets in her store!

This amazing young lady has great a eye for awesome thrift store and vintage finds for a great deal. Getting an item from her store is definitely a score!

 If you love anything vintage like Amy, you are going to love her shop like this  SCHOFFEL & CO Aurora Borealis jewelry...

I was with her when we found this super cute Goebel Hedghog Glass Mini Figurine 1981. We fell in love with this little glass critter the moment we saw him!

Aren't you now a little bit curious? Visit her shop and find out what else she has in her store!!

If you have an etsy store and would like to be featured here at Petites Passions, email me at myric.memije@gmail.com


Edible Gift: Vanilla Mango Apricot

And so my season at work is coming to near end, I made a little parting gift to the awesome managers and supervisors who made sure they got my back and encouraged me in every step of the way that I did my job well. I was blessed with such very nice supervisors.

I got this recipe from Dec. 2011 issue of Food Network Magazine. It's called Vanilla Apricot (scroll down for recipe)

Just when I thought I got all the ingredients in hand...guess what? I didn't have lemon zest! But hey.. I got a mango and lemon juice. 
I did the recipe as said, but I added mango and a teeny tiny bit of shredded ginger and lemon juice.

Great topping for vanilla ice cream, or mix a little with balsamic vinegar for salad dressing or just plan spread for bread or cracker!

After cooling down, I divided them into small jars and packaged it! I got this awesome free printable tags in this link.

Vanilla Apricots

Bring 3 cups of sugar, 1/2 cups of water, 3 strips of lemon zest and I split of vanilla bean to a simmer, stirring. Add 3 cups of dried apricots; cook 10 minutes. Let cool, then divide among jars.

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Spam Saves Maki Mayham

I had such strong craving for Maki for dinner. I knew I had imitation crabmeat left. So I bought all I need to make a simple maki. Dried seaweed, mayo, cream cheese, avocado, short rice and cucumber. 
When I took the crab meat out of the fridge, it was covered with eewness goo. It was spoiled! So I threw it right away and sanitized. Disappointed, I went to the pantry for substitute. There, I saw a can of spam. 
Light bulb!

Spam could be handy. I sliced the spam in sticks, threw it in a bowl and drizzled it with sesame oil, rolled it with veggies, mayo and cream cheese in rice and dried seaweed. Et Voila! Instant substitute for crabmeat! 


New Year, New Table

I was a little bit naughty last year. 
 This is my husband's old coffee table when he was still a bachelor. I stripped it, sanded and painted it and gave it a new look. 

             I just couldn't stand seeing those scratches and cherry red finish is not really my cup of color.

I settled for a simpler and more neutral color for the body and a shiny wood finish for the table surface.

Ta da!

Did you give any furniture a new look for the new year?

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