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On the Other Side of Darkness

By Myric Andreasen

I like to be seen at my best

Always there in gatherings 

in nice dresses and heels

I wear my best smile everyday

To show how happy i am with the life i chose

My husband's love is beyond what i needed.

So I gave mine to him with no boundaries

I have many friends, and i love my job

Which makes life perfect and i am satisfied.

But At night the feeling starts changing.

In silence, the darkness seemed vast in space. 

when the lights are out and nothing to see.

all I could feel is me. 

There was a discernible  fear for what to come

I think of future and i realize time is becoming my enemy.

Time will take away my youth, my caring mother, my friends and lastly my love.

The idea of being alone in an empty house nothing but memories that slowly fading in the southern hemisphere of the aging brain is heartbreaking.

I am not lonely but i feel alone.

Nothing in this world can save me, nor i can save someone from dying isn't that the truth?

It helps to believe i am just a passerby and this life is a training ground of yet to come.

Yet, these unpleasant thoughts taught me life is very short, so i want to love with purpose.

I hugged my husband and finally drifted to sleep, thinking what can i give rather than what i could lose. Time can have my tomorrow but it can never steal my "now".

Before i drift i whisper to my snoring love ever softly " you are the best and tomorrow I love you some more".


New Antique Store in Town

So my vacation is coming to an end. I had  a glorious 2 weeks off from work to be with my in-laws. Mum and I decided to go for a little RnR antiquing to Rockton, a small town part of Rockford.

One thing I like about antique store is not just finding old artifacts from good ol' days.  I love trying on dainty hats like these!

...and a try on a fancy crochet gloves perhaps?

There is a street full of antique shops. We stumbled upon a newly opened antique mall called The Rustic Rooster.

We were pleased with their store. The people were inviting, the displays are well presented and organized.
The staff prepared  free little treats and barbecue sausages and hotdogs for the customers for their grand opening!

Free lunch and fully energized for more shopping!

They are selling a mixed of antiques and handicrafted home decors which was actually nice because it gives you more options if the stuff are too rustic for your taste.  I could relate in appreciating DIY handicrafts. However I admit that when it comes to antiques, I don't know what I'm doing.
I guess it takes a lot of knowledge to find that perfect and valuable piece.

Example this?At first I thought it was a torture device, but it was actually a pot scrubber! Imagine life without scotch brite?

So glad I was with my mother-in-love. Mum has great eye for antiques. She gave me one tip. Go for whatever catches my eyes.

So I did! This pretty little thing caught my eye! A pretty crochet apron! I thought it's interesting since I never seen anything like. It's a statement of my interest/career. Cooking!

If you are around Rockford IL and likes antiques, I would recommend this store. we had such a great time. You can read their info on their facebook.

Have fun!