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Chocolate Raspberry Tassies

Hello my fellow bloggers and beautiful readers! Thanks for hopping to my blog. If you are a chocoholic or a fan of raspberry flavor treats, the tittle might have caught your attention.

Yes, the name sounds as good as how it looks. I found this recipe while gazing at BHG holiday cookie recipes. My mother in law loves raspberry. It reminds her of home in Michigan. For her, it is a taste of childhood joy and fun memories, so I made this for her. You can find the recipe here.  I used Torani flavored syrup. It did not give much raspberry taste in it. I would suggest to use raspberry liquor to give a better raspberry flavor. I added holly sprinkles to give it a more festive look.

I hope you are having a wonderful day spreading some holiday goodness and cheer!

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Our Yard Greenery Decor

Now my in laws have temporarily moved in with us in the anticipation for the coming of twins, I find the house suddenly were well decorated and broken things get fixed! That's the perks of having mom and dad around.

My mother in law is undergoing Christmas holiday fever. I've always admired her taste for design. 

Her recent musing was use our natural resources that can he found in our yard. There is nothing like using natural greenery for a home decor. It gives the home a fresh look.

I got a bunch of poinsetta at Lowes for 99 cent each.

Decorations doesn't have to be expensive to make your space feel like home. Get creative with available resources around without spending an arm and leg. 

Most of my decorations were leftovers from my wedding, clearance, thrift stores and Diy and I am so blessed to have a mother in law with such a great taste in decor who had given me hand me downs.
I will leave you now to enjoy your own Christmas musings :)

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Twins Fall Gender Reveal

We are thrilled to announce our newest gifts we received. My husband and I are having not just one but twice the blessings for our next newest members of our family!
We are having two precious little girls due on Feb.26
Though it came quite a shock for us, but we are so thankful for these two little punkins. 


Vintage Inspired Birthday Shoot

Time flies by so fast. I cannot believe my princess just turned two! It is not easy raising a child but I always keep in mind each year is different than the other. Each day with her is a gift. Photo-shoots with her is always a bliss. Its a time I can bond with her doing something I love, and a time I can focused on her with all my attention.

It is a challenge to shoot babies to toddlers. I want this activity to be as stress-free as I can, which means I have to be quick to take as many shots looking goofily to get that sweet smile. I let her do whatever she wants to do to keep her happy. If she wants to walk, I let her walk. I had to do this outdoor shoot fast when I saw the mosquitos were trying to feast on my poor baby!

Sometimes, I let imperfections slip here and there. You might see a smudge of ketchup at the corner of her mount because she just had her dinner then off I went fix her hair, set up while trying to catch the golden hour (which I think I kinda failed to do so).

 I do not put any kind of make up on her face. I want to keep it as natural as I can. I want to capture true perfection of be beauty. I personally think she is perfect the way she is created. MOMfully speaking.


Its a Good Time

My baby surprises me in an unexpected way. When she does, it always makes me laugh. It is fun to learn what makes her excited. In this case, a sip of grandma's soda or maybe just because being with family with food is always a good time.


Child Photo Taking Lesson

Taking photos of children, especially toddler who has a 10 second attention span is not easy.
One thing I learned about child photography is, I can't contain a toddler in one place. I had to follow her around until she can find a comfort spot and make it work from there. 

She crawled under our table and I thought it could give a cute framing effect.


New Purpose for Vintage Carrier Box

Hello dear readers! Thanks for stopping by!

I happened to steal a little time to sneak in my blog while little Mira is sleeping. So I am going to try to make this short and sweet.

I want to share a story of love at first sight. I found this small antique 1930's rural postal carrier sitting on dirty floor in it's dusty pitiful state in an antique store. I fell in love with it and took it home.

This was once a companion of a hard working postman (assuming his name is Geo M Ayers Carrier 5 of Cedartown GA?) who made sure letters reached their rural destinations. The dents and scratches testifies this stood the test of time and bad weather, right until electronic mail era.

I think this piece of history is so cool and I want the memories of it to live on! This box can be a unique storage of decorative piece!

It is a great conversation piece for history buffs or even to someone who works in postal service (why not?)

If you are interested in owning this piece, this box will be listed on my Etsy store!

Thanks again for stopping by!


Handmade Love

This photograpy is a gesture of our appreciation with Auntie Bubba's Handmade crochet. 

She makes adorable crochet accessories like this hat! She kept my baby warm and cutesy on cold winter weather! I met her in person and she is this wonderful nice lady with kick-ass skill in crocheting.

 If you want to check her out, click this link and visit her facebook page!


Dairy Free Lemon Bars

Hello World!

I am serving these tonight at our small group at church. It is a blessing in disguise to have someone who has food allergen (dairy) in our group. It motivates me to eat healthier and experiment on non-dairy treats!

If you like to try it, I borrowed this recipe from this blog. I am quite happy with how it turned out! Make sure to carefully follow the recipe and don't forget to read this her notes and you will be good :)


Recycled Packaging Board

I am not a big fan for throwing things away. I know it could be unhealthy but sometimes, some things are worth saving.

The ping pong table Jon (my hubby) ordered online came and the packaging came in with these board. He refused to throw it away and brought it to my attention. 

He know me so well, so he encouraged me to do something creative. The first thing that came in my mind was to make small chalkboards!

I cut and painted that board with chalkboard paint, then, I bought a few feet of wood trimming at the hardware store and made a frame.

The stain gave it a rustic vintage look. I love it!