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Old Look to Young Looking

I didn't know what was I thinking when I bought and old outdated dress from a thrift store. Maybe its because I  liked the fabric or maybe I just wanted a challenge, or maybe a little bit of both.

I liked the challenge. It was like a mind game, a fun puzzle I could wear. I don't usually buy dress that is...well if it is not within my budget.

The dress was way way way too big for me, but the good part was I could downsize it to fit my size. Revamping this dress is just a matter or adding and subtracting. I basically chopped off a little bit from the top and added a lace fabric.

I consider myself as still a novice in sewing.. There are still imperfections sewing wise but I got the style I was aiming for. 


Little Tour At Museum of Miniatures

If you are looking for a wholesome things to do in Tucson, you might want to visit. The Little Time Machine is a big place filled with small things. The concept of the name came from an idea to take a visitor back in the history through exhibits of old miniatures and dollhouses. 

I was fascinated with intricate details of the displays.

Yes, I took photos of some of my favorites in the museum (without flash of course), but not to be a spoiler. I did this as a sort of a teaser of examples of must see in the museum. To be perfectly honest, no photo could give justice how astonishing the details are!

Seeing how teeny tiny these are in person is the essence of work of art.

Would you guess this doll is made of a grain of wheat? It probably measures around an inch!

okay to be clear, there were no touching of exhibits involved here. It was in a glass frame.

And of course, what is a museum of miniatures without miniature Christmas Town!

This reminds me of a particular scene in movie animation A Christmas Carol.
Being in the museum brought out the little girl in me. Some exhibits are for kids to enjoy!

Hubby and I left this place happy. I ended up loving it! The museum offers volunteer work and I am seriously giving it a thought.