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Hanging Christmas Memories

 Hello beautiful bloggers! I hope you are enjoying getting your house ready for Christmas season! I have been seeing A LOT of Christmas projects from creative ladies out there. It is soo much fun to look at them!

This same board used to hold my hubby's childhood memories. Now that he is married, maybe it is time for this frame to hold a whole new memories. Our Memories!

This inspiration board was made by his mom when he was single. It was dirty and faded when I found it, so I tried to figure out what can I do with it.

It was pretty but I thought I wanted to do something new with it. I think I got this idea from Pinterest but I couldn't find it anymore! I guess I didn't pin it. Oh Well!
Now, so, after getting permission from my loving mumsy-in-law, I stripped it and found this white frame. But the cork board was stained. 
To keep-up for the season, I covered the the background with snowflakes designed gift wrapper, glued some strings and got cute little wooden clothespins! Well, honestly, Michael's ran out of the size I wanted so I just got these tiny ones.

Then to finish it, put our white Christmas memories that I just conveniently had printed, suppose to be for my scrapbook. I thought I could use them for this project for a while. I then hung cute Christmas cards to make it more Christmas-y!

My blue Christmas doesn't end here....

Till the next post!



Light Sculpture: Féérie Florale

This is too good not to share. I was browsing for inspirations at Pinterest and this art caught my attention!

How about that!? Doesn't it look magical? It's like those magical moments of Cinderella's transformation preparing to go to the ball or  like that of Tinkerbell's fairy dust!

I followed the source of this photo and It took me to site of apartmenttherapy.com. I had to admit, I felt a little jealousy to Kristin Hohenadel a blogger who purchased this dreamy piece of art. Oh how I would love to have one of this at home! 

Click here if you want to see more designs or how is it made!

This was made by a very talented French designer named Valérie Boy. The site challenged my French comprehension. I understood so little of the artist's description. It didn't matter anyway because I was too entertained looking through her Sculptures Lumineuses.


Free 3 Downloadable Christmas Songs

I find it quite shocking that some Americans dislike playing Christmas songs as early as November. From where I grew-up, we set-up our Christmas tree as early as -ber months starts (i.g..September, October, November) while playing Christmas songs at the top-pest volumes of our stereos. We don't have to worry about Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it anyway.

It's finally official! I can play Christmas songs! My early morning routine is to turn-on my KLOVE radio app on my IPhone. I always on the wait for free songs. Who doesn't love 'free' right? Today they announced that they are not only giving one.. but three free downloadable Christmas songs on Itunes! Get free songs here.

Includes songs by:

Laura Story: Emmanuel

Phillips Craig & Dean: O Come All Ye Faithful

Phil Wickham: Christmas Time

Just want to share the good news!
What a WONDERFUL way to start the day :)


Christmas Paris in Jar

Eversince I was a kid, my favorite part of school field trip were dioramas in museums. It built this fascination in me the illustration of a certain event or place in a small glass box. It was cool to me back when I was small. It served as my old school 3D. I didn't care if it is not a motion picture. I had my imagination to create stories :)

 This is my inspiration for this. I just happen to have this souvenir Eiffel Tower lying around the house and I used my 50 cent jar I bought at the thrift store. The Paris text is actually just stickers.. I didn't even had to buy it. It was given to me by my mother-in-law-.

I took some sand from my wedding leftover jar. It has some glitter with it for snow effect. Then, I printed out "joyeux noel" (French for Merry Christmas) on a piece of brown paper. Made a tiny banner out of it an glued on toothpicks. Of course I cut the sharp part.

 I hope you enjoyed my simple 
Christmas Parisian project :)



Momma Hens Coop


Spend Less - GIve More Gift Guide!

The Lettered Cottage


Taste of New Tradition

Hello beautiful bloggers! How was your thanksgiving? I hope you had a wonderful one. Me and hubby went from Tucson to Phoenix to spend thanksgiving with his Aunt and Uncle. It was my second thanksgiving here in U.S with a different family which meant  different recipes. Turkey, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn bread casserole are the dishes that aren't as odd to me as before. Although yam casserole sounded quite new to me. This I got to see!

First, I Google d the difference between yam and sweet potato to avoid confusions. Compared to sweet potatoes, yams are starchier and drier.  And I noticed sweet potatoes are sweeter than yams.

Orange colored yam somehow looked weird at first. I was used in seeing and using purple yam in the Philippines, which we call "Ube".

image from Market Manila

Seen in different forms on special occasions as deserts such as cakes, ice-cream flavor or pudding (halaya).

image from Jun-blog

And so we started making this yam casserole dish.

We peeled and cut yams and apples and put it on a metal baking dish. Melted 2 sticks of butter in a bowl and mixed it with brown sugar and cinnamon. 

I couldn't stop tasting the mixture. That itself is a treat!
I better pour the mixture on yams before it's gone! Then put enough water to keep the moisture of the yam in the process of cooking. Then baked it in the oven. 

Now this confused me more. After its cooked, put marshmallows on top, put back in the oven to melt. Is it a desert or what? I know it doesn't sound odd to Americans. But let me put is this way. It is as weird as how my husband feels about marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick. 

It may not sound like a typical dish for Filipino like me, but that yam recipe was something I would definitely have again. 

What's your special yam recipe?