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I hate missing a parties and I have to admit an embarrasing confession, I haven't updated my disorganized link parties page. It looked like a mess and I can't stand it! so I decided, since I am in the process of organizing my blog, I am hosting "Pin Your Party" using my inlinkz account to make things a little bit easier.
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I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Passion Parade Friday Link Soiree

Recieved some gifts, surprises were ruined but it was a special birthday afterall.
What made it special? Aside from greetings from facebook and blog friends (thank you so much BTW), my husband took the day off and stayed home for the day just for my birthday. His magic words were "We will do whatever you want. It is your birthday", I wanted to go garage sale shopping but unfortunately our car broke down!!! Later we found out the pack rats chews the wires!

 Hubby also surpised me with an ice cream cake
He especially asked for the closest to French design cake. He knew me very well.

Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake. My favorite!

My super sweet brother in law's gift came few days ago. It was supposed to be a surprise and I had to open it on my birthday. However, the packaging ruined the it! He was mad at how it was packed. And guess what? There wasn't even a tape!

So I peeked, it was a book, but I didn't know what book until...

Tolkien's The book of Lost Tales 1 and 2! Woo hoo! I just love Fantasy fiction. I am even in the process of writing one. ***nerd alert.

A birthday becomes more special when celebrated with friends. We invited our dear friend and her husband for a lunch out. She is very sweet to gift me with lovely bag and beautiful scarf!

We ended the day with my free birthday drink from starbucks. Venti Java Chip Frapp. Read, our books until we shiver in cold. It was worth it. Ahh 500 Calories of pleasure.

Okay, enough of my jibberjabber, let's start today's Passion Parade. I am anxious to see what kept you busy lately.


Thank you all so much for sharing your passion last week here at Passion Parade Friday Link Soiree. You are all so wonderful and very creative.
I am so excited on what you are about to share this week! 
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1960 Vintage Newspaper

Today is the eve of my birthday, well here in U.S but it is my actual birthday in Manila. I've been receiving greetings from family and friends which really is a delight. Reminds me I am rich with wonderful people in my life. I am getting old, but not as old as this vintage newspaper we got from our church friends.

They invited us to their home because they had old books to give away. When talking about books, hubby is like a little boy in a candy store!

My goodness! I've never seen Prince Charles this young!

 Included in the collection of books was this vintage The Arizona Daily Star newspaper that dated back 1960 with the issue of Prince Andrew coming on the way into the royal family who was the very first child born to a reigning monarch in 103 years since Queen Victoria's Princess Beatrice.

and with another article about an article of Major Diaz Lanz who turned against Fidel Castro.

Reading an old newspaper that was written way before I was born was so cool! It instantly brought me back to times that I have never seen.

It was quite entertaining and I learned a little about history at the same time.

I am not a pro in antiques or vintage stuff but I am still trying to find out if this has a value or none, or we if we can sell it or what. But for the meantime, I'm just gonna enjoy it and do a little more time traveling.

Do you know anything about it? I would surely love to know. I would really appreciate it:)


Monday Blues Inspiration

Good morning! I hope you are all having a great  morning! How about I give you some Monday Blues inspirations to start of your week!

Flaunt your flops by crocheting a cute pattern around the band. What a great idea from Kara of Petals to Picots. Visit her blog for the tutorial!

Glow in the dark Iphone case. I want me one of these! Do you?

Source: thefancy.com via Myric on Pinterest

How I wish I have a breakfast nook like this in the kitchen. I just can't wait!

Torquise and Pink, what a pretty combination!

So does torquise and red!

I hope these helped you beat your Monday Blues. Have a great week!


Passion Parade Friday Link Soiree

Welcome to Passions Parade Friday Link Soiree!!!


How are you all doing today? I hope you are staying nice and cool. We are experiencing some thunder storms at some parts of Tucson which is very nice compare to what my Dadzy-in-law experienced.

He was driving along the highway when suddenly, he heard an explosion. He pulled over and found out his sunroof exploded probably from the heat! Crazy!

Today was a sweet day as Petites Passions reached big 200th follower on google friend connect!!! **SCREAMS!

And that 200th follower is another awesome blogger named JoAnne of Sweet Pepper Rose. She has a great blog with awesome tutorials like this clay pot wreath!

Also, we have some amazing linkers from last week which are a great inspiration for a party like Stephanie of Life's Creative Journey Rosette cake. I find her tutorial really helpful because I have been wanting to make cake like this!

Next is a Sugar and Spice inspired baby shower by Cindy Jane of Pajama Crafters. I just love how she put the party together with such creative and lovely decors! Check her blog out for more party photos!

When  I think of summer, I also think of watermelon! What do you think about this Watermelon Shrim Salad Recipe by Laura of Now Things are Cookin'? I think it's delish!
Thank you all so much for your inspiring creativity!

Feel free to grab this button if you have been featured here at Passion Parade Friday!

Thank you all so much for sharing your passion here at Passion Parade Friday Link Soiree. You are all so wonderful and very creative.
I am so excited on what you are about to share this week! 
So let's get this parade going.. but first, just a quick reminder before linking up.

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Let the Parade begin!


Crumble Aux Fruits Du Verger

Bon jour!

Here is another dessert I learned from my French Recipe book called

 I apologize, I was too excited to taste it so I forgot to take a picture. I got this picture from the book.

This recipe is called...
"Crumble Aux Fruits Du Verger"
"Fruit Orchard Crumble"

2 apples
2 pears
400g red plums
2 tablespoons
1/3 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup or 12 tbps plain flour
2 tbsp water
3 tsbp soft butter
2/3cup coconut
1/3 cup small milk chocolate chips

Peel the apples and pears, remove core and cut into quarters. Cut the quarters into slices that you will have in the bottom of a pie dish. Depit and slice the plums.

Add the plums and water and sprinkle with a little bit  of sugar. Cover the pie dish with aluminum foil and bake 10 minutes in a preheated 360F oven.

Mix the remaining sugar with the flour and butter in a bowl. Work the mixture with your hand or with a mixer until obtaining a crumbly mixture. Stir in coconut and chocolate chips.

Remove the aluminum foil from the dish. Spread the crumble over the fruit mixture. Bake 20-25 minutes until the topping is golden and fruit is soft. Serve hot with English cream or creme fraiche or plain yogurt for substitute.

Hope you enjoy it like we did:)

Bon Appetite!


Dryer Sheets Mirror Tutorial

 I have used dryer sheets before in some projects like a mini christmas tree and a lantern.

It all started when I was too broke to buy fabrics. Then I saw the potential in dryer sheets to be used for crafts.

So for this project you will need:

* wicker wreath from the Dollar store

* used dryer sheets

* 12" round mirror from craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's

* All purpose Spray Paint (your choice of color)

It is actually very easy!

1. You might need a pin or any tool that would help you push the dryer sheets in twisted crevices of the wicker wreath.

2. Once the dryer sheet pushed halfway tie it in a knot as tight as you could but not to the point of tearing it! No glue required. You do not have to cover the entire wreath. Leave the back as it is.

3. Whe you're done to the last dryer sheet, give it a nice fluff and crumple them, making sure knots do not show-up.

4. Now for the fun part. Spray painting. In my stupidity tried to use metallic finish paint hoping I could get gold shimmery result I desired. It only turned my dryer sheets all muddy brown. Blech. Good thing I only sprayed it in a small portion.

So I removed dirty looking sheets and replaced them with new ones and used all purpose spray paint ocean blue breeze instead. If you want to add sparkles, use glitter spray. Mine actually has some, it's just not visible in the camera. I liked how how the color turned out!

5. There might be a few better ways to put the mirror at the back. I was too impatient to hang mine. I used metal wire to support the mirror from falling and also I could hang it instantly!

6. It will be too fluffy so you might want to trim the sheets and so that the mirror would show.

At the point, you might want to be more creative and embellish them with anything you want! I used these silver beads I got from a dollar store.

I hope you enjoyed my little recyled project :) Do you have recycled project lately? I am very excited what you came-up with! I would love if you  share it up at my

happening every Friday!

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Dryer Sheets Mirror


Today, I am sharing my another dryer sheets mirror project that I just finished for today's Monday Blues Inspiration.

Would you like to make your own? I will be sharing a tutorial on my next post.

Hope you are having an inspiring Monday Blues!

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Colossal Cave Adventure

Our friends from Phoenix visited us here in Tucson. They were the ones who introduced us to go to Colossal Cave here in Tucson.I thought that was a little embarrasing considering we are the ones who live here and suppose to know where to take friends who are visiting.

The first attraction of the tour was the suuweet 1957 Ford Fairlane at the parking lot which I believe a property of the Colossal cave Park.

This is us. No. We are not under protection program nor trying to conceal our identity. It's just it's the only group photo we had that day.

Wonderful view from Colossal Cave entrance overlooking Tucson hills.

 There are many entertaining stuff to see, including hidden Mickey! Try to find the hidden Mickey. Clue. It's not so hidden.

As we make our way down to the cave, the tour guide warned us of an unpleasant smell of critters, possibly skunks around the cave. You wouldn't care about it if you are adventurous. I mean, cmon! 
 It's a cave!
My imagination roam as the tour guide tells the story of train robbers who made this cave their hiding place back in late 1800's

Where's scooby doo? If you've seen the movie "127 hours", you know what I mean

They squeezed and crawled their way in these crevices to find another way out around the mountain while the authorities waited for them at the small entry hole for days hoping they finally surrender out of hunger. Robbers outwitted them.

Naming rock formations according to shapes is another way of telling directions in the cave. 
This one is the witch's head. Do you see it?

This cave wasn't only a great hiding place, but a nice dwelling place. The temperature is always 70 degrees even when there's snow on the ground or in blazing summer heat.

 We really had a great day! 

My husband got to keep up with his  friends from high school.

David Horn, Crystal Funkhouser, Hubby

with Crystal's beautiful family,

Crystal and her mini-her Teagan.


George, Spencer and Teagan posing so cutely.

They may not be my friends from higschool...

...but I am happy that I gained them as my new ones, eventhough just through my husband Jon.