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DIY 'Gather' sign.

"When life gives you free wood palette, make 'gather' sign."...

so I did.


Incorporating 80's design

This old toy box was ran down, beaten up, slammed and jumped on when three little boys were done with it. Now that all those boys are now full grown men (including my husband), this fun box is now handed down to a little girl who tenderly plays with it.

My father in law who is an amazing self taught craftsman made this by his own hands and I love that this has a significant history especially in my husband's life.

Dad reconfigured the toy box and installed soft close hinges for safety. I painted the front with chalkboard pain so the kiddos can have fun with it.

We have all seen that one shelf with grandma's old  figurines and spoon souvenirs. I knew what to do with this old shelf as soon as found it at the thrift store. I gave it a fresh new white wash paint and a chalkboard base just for fun. I completed the ensemble by hanging it next to a vintage chalkboard box when mom and I went on antiquing.

 Some may agree some decors in the 80's shouldn't come back. I think 80's stuff shouldn't be feared to incorporate in new designs.

My choice of design may not speak new and grand. I like everything functional and simple.


DIY Tee Pee

As the kids reach different level of milestones, their personalities are becoming more apparent. My toddler seems to like having her own space, not too far to isolate herself for a long time but close enough to enjoy her baby sisters.

On her last birthday, we decided to give her a play tee pee. Like any other parents who are chose a shortcut to just buy online. But our tight budget limited my choice of design. I didn't want it to look like a part of the clutter, so I came up with an easy design that would go with the room design and I wanted it to be big enough that I could fit in it and play with my daughter. 
I knew I could make one myself under $16 compared to $60 one. I spent that low because I had wood around. All I needed was fabric. Off to clearance I went.

Simple joys does't have to be pricey. You can make something beautiful with a little bit of creativity and simplicity. A child's nature doesn't require perfection. Its the fun memories under the tent will matter and will be remembered.


Mess Cake

I made this for mother's day to appreciate my-mother in-love. I became the mother I am because of her contagious affectionate nature I found this recipe called 'Mess Cake'. I though it is imperfectly beautiful.

I didn't follow the recipe. As a busy mom, I took shortcuts. I used white cake mix instead of sponge cake from the scratch. However, I made the meringue cookies from scratch! It was a first time but it turned out fine. It is a messy cake thank goodness and you can't go wrong with too much berries or whipped cream! Here's the recipe if you want to follow it. 
This is dedicated to all mothers out there near or far!
 Happy Baking!


Conjoined Daisies

I just want to share something I found today at Lowe's  while taking advantage of their two for 10 plant deals today.

Usually anything two headed freaks me out but I found this (or these) beautifully fascinating! They remind me of my twins!
I don't have any information how did this happened. I wish I do. I'd rather enjoy it and look at the flowers


Green Bliss

I don't have a green thumb but that doesn't stop me from trying.

I chose snow princess to partner up with mint . I love the sweet scent of these flowers and its clean white color

The colors of petunias and the beauty of patience were calling. The smell of fresh watered herbs planted in moist soil gave a sense of inspiration to try new recipes on this perfect Georgian weather. I could get lost at the gardening section, but I was on a mission.

It is nice to have a place in the house where I can relax. Fresh greenery gives me a sense of hope that I can make it through the day in our crazy house. I chose plants that are useful for the kitchen that adds sweet fresh aroma I love

 I am not a flower type of person but i thought it would be nice to mix them up colors with my herbs to add a little bit of texture in the mix

dark knight with my basil/

If you are an avif fan of Fixer upper, elephant bush is one of Joanna Gaines' suggested indoor greenery. I personally love the combination of maroons and greens.


Welcoming Twins

 We only ordered one! I humorously addressed the doctor. As soon as she felt my tummy, she exclaimed, what if you are having two?
It felt so surreal like I was in a dream. All three of us (my husband, mother in law and me) gasped in disbelief that this is happening!

On the 13th of Feb, We welcomed ftraternal twins Candace Emily and Beatrice Marie. Weighing 5 lbs 14 oz and 6 lbs 4 oz.

First few days: They have found a great home in mommy's belly  and doesnt seem want to leave. I had to be induced on their 38th week. They still longed for that womb feel afterbirth. They always seem to find each other even we laid them apart.
I am fully aware that our lives now will be crazy now we have a 2 year old and 2 babies but we welcomed them with open hearts and we will never trade this life for anything else

I just always had to remind myself that from now on life will be messy but it sure is pretty darn sweet.