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Kitchen Ceiling Update

This is a loong overdue video upload of my kitchen ceiling project. Now, I am currently in the process of finishing cabinet painting.


2017 Fall fashion Tops Ideas

My mantle set up is still on summer mode yet the store aisles are screaming “Autumn is coming!”. The summer air is quickly filling with pumpkin spice latte and the crisp smell of apple cinnamon spiced strudel is telling me my favorite season is here.
 It isn’t too early for wonderful season of warm colored wardrobes. Dust off those boots and don’t hold off on that suede boots on sale because you’ll going to need them very soon.
 It’s time to unbox my fall necessities and box up my outdated warm outfits. I am a stay home mom taking care of three children, re-doing the kitchen and keeping the house together. I deserve a little bit of TLC and shopping for new tops isn’t too much for a hardworking mom.
I looked for stylish women's blouses online for latest trends coming this fall. 
Vintage inspired outfits are coming back and chocolate color will not only be seen as your favorite hot beverage on this coming cold season.

Go Vintage
You can pull off these seventies look without looking like your mom or grandma. If you do, what’s wrong with that? If Mom or Grandma dressed like these, hey must have been cool back then.
I found these vintage-y styles at Yoins.com. The prices aren't bad so I can get the look I want without hurting my budget. 

This vintage plaid is a must! 

Get in touch with your soft side. Couch floral is on the list of big style this fall, according to Elle and Vogue. I don't like them patterns on my couch or window treatments but I fell in love with these soft flowy tops. Style and comfort is my choice of fashion. Check out these fashion cute tops for women, for a more feminine look. You could wear them as it is or match it with leather jacket and fashionable cute boots. Click the link for more inspiration.

Solid neutral colors are very versatile. Here are a couple of chocolate colored tops if you are aiming for a more street casual look.

 I hope you find this little fashion tips helpful. Thanks for joining with me. It was a great day shopping with you!


Dress Like Royalty without Breaking the Bank

I just turned 30-ish this last July. With tears in my eye, I told myself, I needed a more suitable outfit for my age. While the fact that I am getting a old, I have nothing to console myself but the words "There's beauty in maturity" 
I am aiming for a classy look this fall. My go-to inspiration for sophisticated style was Brit’s fashion icon Kate Middleton because nothing spells elegance than the dutchess of Cambridge. Eventhough we cannot all be the future queen of England, but we can look like one without breaking the bank.

I rummaged through Kate’s what-she-wore photos and here are my inspirations.

When I think of Kate, I had this image of her in her signature blue blazer. It is known this is her favorite thing to wear due to it’s versatility from casual to formal attire.

 I found this ensemble available at Yoins.com
Here's Kate in a casual comfort get-up, great to match up with a pair of suede espresso riding boots. 

Nothing speaks like royalty than bright pastel colors. Did you know the Queen of England strategically wore bright colored attire so she stands out in the crowd for security purposes? I thought she just like bright colored clothes.
I love the pastel blue coat over cute chiffon blouse paired with hounds tooth print skirt. 
I hope you find this post inspirationally helpful. 
Hope to see you all next time!



Potty...No Way

When she started saying 'no way' I thought she was singing Moana's Ancestor's Song watching it 50 times a day. But now, she made it clear no means no.