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Pink Parisian Princess Party

Yesterday was another milestone for me and my baby. My Mirabella June is now ! Others may agree with me throwing a party can be expensive and stressful, but there's nothing we wouldn't do for the ones we love dearly.

I chose Pink and Gold Parisian Princess theme. I chose this theme mostly for my mother-in-law believe it or not. Yes. That's how much I love her.

I have to mention that my Jonathan and Cody were to proud of their skills. They made the fruit on sticks and veggie cheese on a stick. They also helped me with the sandwiches!

Pinterest may seem to show how easy to put everything together. I learned it was a LOT of work.
Eventhough we live a comfortable life, we are on a budget for our little Princess' party. I was the party planner, the baker, a carpenter, the designer, the decorator, the shopper and the cook.

The baking and making the cake is a different experience for me. It was tiring but I find it enjoyable! I made a white cake with raspberry buttercream frosting with my homemade marshmallow fondant. I found this raspberry buttercream frosting that is just...WOW.

Craft stores and Party stores were my bestfriends during these times.
 I hung monthly pictures of her on our light fixture. I cannot believe how much she has grown!

But eventhough the party went well, there's always this tiny voice in me that says, "I could have done better". 

In reality, it wasn't my works or the decorations or the food that made the party but  the family and guests who helped me put up everything together and shared good times and laughter that filled the house with such joyful noise. There's nothing I could ask for

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