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Old Shutter Towel Basket

I have another old shutter lying around the house so I made a towel basket for the bathroom as for my hubby's request. If you are a fan of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, you'll recognize this quote.

I found this galvanized basket at Hobby Lobby store where they were marking their spring collections from 70% to 80% Off.

So I hope you like my another shutter project.

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Share Your Father's day Memories

We celebrate  those men who are closest to our hearts. Please join us in celebrating Father's Day by sharing or commenting on this post your most precious memories with your fathers.

Here is my little girl greeting her first hero.


Shutters Nightstand and Wall mounted Mason Jar lamp Project

I am a few days away from receiving  guests for this summer. I want our guest room to be as presentable as it can be in a very little resource we have. Its not impossible when you have imagination and a little help from Pinterest. If you click the link, you will find a DIY tutorial for shutter nightstand.

I found a cool inspiration of wall mounted rustic mason jar lamp. However, it was for sale for $85.00 on Etsy. I do not have the luxury to pay such amount. I'm not saying it is ridiculously overpriced. I support local business owners but, I just can't afford it plus I love the challenge.

I bought a cord and socket set at Home Depot, but only candelabra bulbs can fit in it. Price. $6.27

This project does take a little bit of your time and patience.  I had to figure a way run the wire through the pipe. 

 I have a few old shutters my mother in law found at the antique store back when we went for a vacation to Florida. I thought they could be of use as a night stand or shelf, however you want to call it.

That's me and my awesome mommy in law in the picture.

So that's conclude my little project. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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Deep Fried Glassy Nuts

I found this recipe at site called Chefsteps

I have been looking for easy ways to make candied nuts that I could put on my salads or just to snack on. This may not be an ideal for health nuts but this recipe requires  dusting with powdered sugar and deep frying, but boy! I'm a happy camper to learn this recipe.