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Handmade Love

This photograpy is a gesture of our appreciation with Auntie Bubba's Handmade crochet. 

She makes adorable crochet accessories like this hat! She kept my baby warm and cutesy on cold winter weather! I met her in person and she is this wonderful nice lady with kick-ass skill in crocheting.

 If you want to check her out, click this link and visit her facebook page!


Dairy Free Lemon Bars

Hello World!

I am serving these tonight at our small group at church. It is a blessing in disguise to have someone who has food allergen (dairy) in our group. It motivates me to eat healthier and experiment on non-dairy treats!

If you like to try it, I borrowed this recipe from this blog. I am quite happy with how it turned out! Make sure to carefully follow the recipe and don't forget to read this her notes and you will be good :)


Recycled Packaging Board

I am not a big fan for throwing things away. I know it could be unhealthy but sometimes, some things are worth saving.

The ping pong table Jon (my hubby) ordered online came and the packaging came in with these board. He refused to throw it away and brought it to my attention. 

He know me so well, so he encouraged me to do something creative. The first thing that came in my mind was to make small chalkboards!

I cut and painted that board with chalkboard paint, then, I bought a few feet of wood trimming at the hardware store and made a frame.

The stain gave it a rustic vintage look. I love it!