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My Ombre Saga

Every once in a while we get tired of our hair. One day, I decided I want a little change. I was tired of old boring black hair. It has been more than 13 years since I had my last hair colored. I went to the internet for some information. I came across this. They call it "ombre"

I looked for the definition of ombre, making sure I knew what it meant. The online dictionary says,  
ombre is a French word referring in having colors or two tones that shade into each other. I was excited with the idea. I called the salon and inquired for price. The conversation ended with I had to go to the salon to check out the length of my hair.
I walked in to the salon and chatted with a stylist, showed her this picture. It seemed like she knew what she was saying so, compulsively, I said, "Let's do it!"
 I was a little bit apprehensive that something was wrong. After she was done with my hair, It looked like this...

She could tell I wasn't happy with the result, which I was. It did not look anything like in the picture. I am not a professional stylist but I could tell, there was no need to foil my hair. Now my dark black hair has streaks of blondish which made me look dirty. I was not aiming for Christina Aguilera 'dirrrty' look. I told my stylist it did not look close in the picture. It is not ombre! But she insisted it was. I was starting to get frustrated, but as a nice lady I was, I said it looks nice and I wanted to get out of there as quick as I could before I cry.

I posted my laments on my facebook. A friend who happened to be a friend who works in the same salon recognized me and overheard my conversation with my stylist. She saw the look on my face that I wasn't happy about it. Thank goodness she had me schedule an appointment to fix my hair for free!

I was soo happy after she was done with my hair. This is what I wanted in the first place!
And I was right. There was no need for foiling my hair and it supposed to cost less!

I would never want to trust my hair to a stranger again! I learned to stick to a recommended stylist! Her name is Kristen of Style America located along W Ina Rd Tucson AZ. She is awesome!


  1. This is beautiful and so are you. Regena in TN.

  2. You look so pretty!!! I've wanted to do this too but my hair is shorter. Well done it looks beautiful x

  3. Myric,
    I love your new hairstyle and the color! I was just telling myself that I wanted to cut my bangs, but they would never look as good as this. I have naturally curly hair hehehe. Have a blessed week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. You have such a beautiful face! Love your ombre hair, it looks fabulous!


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