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What Chit Chat with God Can Do

Saturday, still saddened for the loss of a friend who passed away last Sunday. Her death was sudden yet very peaceful. I cried everytime it crossed my mind that I would never see her again.
I was scheduled to teach at Sunday school for the next day (today). I felt like I didn't want to or I do not have energy, mentally, emotionally and physically due to my heavy work at my job. Although I read through the lesson plan in the book, I felt I am not ready to pull the lesson through. I told my husband "I don't feel like teaching tomorrow", laid down and passed out.
Today, while driving to church, I muttered to my husband, my heart doesn't feel right and expected my class today would be terrible because I was unprepared, but somehow I felt like God understood what's in my heart. He knew I needed energy to do the ministry.
At the start of the class, still unprepared, I did what I would call, chit-pray with the kids, prayed with sincere heart to help us (including me) to understand the lesson and just give us great time. To my surprise I was full of energy  today, we did had a great time in the class.
I used to think my ministry in the church is my business alone, but I realized it was God's ministry and he does all the work through me. He will supply whatever his worker needs.
 I didn't know where I pulled that strength to do my task, but I believe that small prayer helped me today. It doesn't matter in whichever form the prayer is, as long it is personal and sincerely coming from the heart.

Have a Blessed Week Everyone!


  1. Prayer works miracles great and small. I'm so sorry you are suffering the loss of a friend. My prayers are with you. Lean on the Lord for He will comfort and sustain.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Amen! God is always with us.


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