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I Love My Job

I can't even summon my thoughts to write a blog, nor any recent craft projects to share. I have been working on some things around the house, but I feel I am not creative enough to creatively express it in words... or maybe I am just too lazy to speak (I mean write).

My job has taken most of my time and energy since there was no other available to alternate the schedule with.

My restaurant work is not a glamorous job. I would come home covered in vegetable juices or blood from the prepping prime rib. One thing I learned, though one can love cooking or working in the kitchen, but it doesn't mean working in a restaurant will be a bliss. Cooking can be an enjoyable hobby, where you can take all the time you want in making one dish, on the other hand, restaurant work is a business where you have cook/prep as much as you could as quick as you could.You are paid in hours. I would come home drained and sore all over, but then, I had to do continue doing it as I work in my own kitchen to cook dinner with my work shoes on. Main reason why I don't blog much anymore, because I feel like I rather use my remaining energy to watch "Who's Line is it Anyway" and relax

Yes. It is not a glamorous job. I don't wear high heels nor wear a lipstick, or have time to curl my hair, but I like it. It is the closest I could get to what I did or should I say back I was in college. Although working in the kitchen has nothing to do with film making, it is a fast paced environment, I wear sneakers at work, a lot of running, lots of lifting and the job requires a little bit of creativity and developing of skills. Oh yeah! Not to mention I didn't have to deal with demanding customers. I am happy working at the back of the house.

It is a tough job. Sometimes I wanted to cry when my back really hurt (except when I'm cutting onions), but then I remember how I love my job and I do my best to be great in it. It is my delight to bring good quality clean food like I would give to my own family even if it takes me to wash my hand every 20 minutes for 20 secs under the hottest running water I could handle. 

 This is not my dream job. I know I mentioned I wanted to write fantasy/fiction novels and I still do, but I cannot finish a novel in one sitting. I have got to have a day job that can pay our bills, food and buy my way back to see my family in Manila. I feel it is not the right time yet. God is still preparing me for the best, but for  now, I want to do great and work my way up for a more challenging position.

At the end of the day when I have all sorts cuts on my hand and different sorts of body ache I could imagine, I still am thankful to God for that I have a job. A job I like, then I would remember everything I have gone through from leaving my life behind to start all over again. I remembered wondering how long till I get acclimated to life here in U.S. My husband thought me so well to learn how to be more independent. Tough lessons, tough teaching but lots of love into it. It was all worth it and totally necessary. He must love me so. But I know all of this is because God left me with a promise that he would take care of everything for me.


My Ombre Saga

Every once in a while we get tired of our hair. One day, I decided I want a little change. I was tired of old boring black hair. It has been more than 13 years since I had my last hair colored. I went to the internet for some information. I came across this. They call it "ombre"

I looked for the definition of ombre, making sure I knew what it meant. The online dictionary says,  
ombre is a French word referring in having colors or two tones that shade into each other. I was excited with the idea. I called the salon and inquired for price. The conversation ended with I had to go to the salon to check out the length of my hair.
I walked in to the salon and chatted with a stylist, showed her this picture. It seemed like she knew what she was saying so, compulsively, I said, "Let's do it!"
 I was a little bit apprehensive that something was wrong. After she was done with my hair, It looked like this...

She could tell I wasn't happy with the result, which I was. It did not look anything like in the picture. I am not a professional stylist but I could tell, there was no need to foil my hair. Now my dark black hair has streaks of blondish which made me look dirty. I was not aiming for Christina Aguilera 'dirrrty' look. I told my stylist it did not look close in the picture. It is not ombre! But she insisted it was. I was starting to get frustrated, but as a nice lady I was, I said it looks nice and I wanted to get out of there as quick as I could before I cry.

I posted my laments on my facebook. A friend who happened to be a friend who works in the same salon recognized me and overheard my conversation with my stylist. She saw the look on my face that I wasn't happy about it. Thank goodness she had me schedule an appointment to fix my hair for free!

I was soo happy after she was done with my hair. This is what I wanted in the first place!
And I was right. There was no need for foiling my hair and it supposed to cost less!

I would never want to trust my hair to a stranger again! I learned to stick to a recommended stylist! Her name is Kristen of Style America located along W Ina Rd Tucson AZ. She is awesome!


Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing great. I know it's been a few days since my last post. I guess I am not in that place yet where I could work full time and blog in a regular basis, although I will keep on trying. It has been a busy week at work. I am covering for a co-worker's schedule because she just got an arm surgery. 

Okay, we were not goofing around during work. This was taken after my successful training at work.
Working in the restaurant is tough. It requires a lot of physical work, that is why I like to take as much rest I could to recover for the next day of work. Sadly, I had not time for crafts, but it is something I like doing, so I will try to work it out. 

I apologize for the late announcement, but here is the lucky winner of my earrings giveaway!
Congratulations to Entry #18 K. Glinter of Domestic Diva! Enjoy your beautiful new earrings.

Thank you all so much for those who entered the giveaway! There's more to come, so watch for it :) Have a lovely week ahead :)

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