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Black Bean (Meatless) Burger

I currently installed Better Homes app in my android tab. I LOVE IT! I have to say, it is a great app with great recipes!.
I take my tablet with me and it becomes my trusty grocery check list. Yes. I am that lazy to write my grocery list on paper. It has a feature where it organizes and categorize all your lists from produce, meat, dairy and etc.

We had this recipe for tonight's dinner. I am so blessed to have  a husband who is not afraid to eat anything  I try to make for the first time. I was a little worried hubby wouldn't like it, but after eating three, he said it was delicious, or in his own word "This is seriously seriously delicious!!". Made me happy.
 He described it as a bean salsa dip in a form of burger.
I was very excited to try the recipe that I made some mistakes, mistakes that could be fixed. I did not rinse and drain the black beans as  the recipe told so I added a couple tablespoons odd flour and added another half a cup of crushed corn tortilla chips to thicken the mixture. 
I suggest to chill the mixture overnight and grill it. If I only have a grill :(
You can find the recipe for this Black Bean Chipotle Burger here. Let me know whacha think?


What Chit Chat with God Can Do

Saturday, still saddened for the loss of a friend who passed away last Sunday. Her death was sudden yet very peaceful. I cried everytime it crossed my mind that I would never see her again.
I was scheduled to teach at Sunday school for the next day (today). I felt like I didn't want to or I do not have energy, mentally, emotionally and physically due to my heavy work at my job. Although I read through the lesson plan in the book, I felt I am not ready to pull the lesson through. I told my husband "I don't feel like teaching tomorrow", laid down and passed out.
Today, while driving to church, I muttered to my husband, my heart doesn't feel right and expected my class today would be terrible because I was unprepared, but somehow I felt like God understood what's in my heart. He knew I needed energy to do the ministry.
At the start of the class, still unprepared, I did what I would call, chit-pray with the kids, prayed with sincere heart to help us (including me) to understand the lesson and just give us great time. To my surprise I was full of energy  today, we did had a great time in the class.
I used to think my ministry in the church is my business alone, but I realized it was God's ministry and he does all the work through me. He will supply whatever his worker needs.
 I didn't know where I pulled that strength to do my task, but I believe that small prayer helped me today. It doesn't matter in whichever form the prayer is, as long it is personal and sincerely coming from the heart.

Have a Blessed Week Everyone!