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Easy Easter Activity Treat

Hello! I would like to share a very easy Easter activity for kids. 
I am a pre-school Sunday school teacher at our church. I give treats to my students as a reward for being actively well in class. I don't just hand them treats. I wanted them to make crafts out of treats that would remind them about the lesson we just shared.

I found a cross clipart from internet. I edited it and put text "Jesus, Paid our sins" and cut out an outline. We used double adhesive to glue chocolate coins which I bought from CVS pharmacy.

my students showing off their project

Kids can put it on the fridge. As they peel each chocolate, there is a hidden message on that empty cross that would remind them that Jesus paid our sins by dying on the cross and has  risen from death.


D.I.Y Natural Deodorizer

Since I became pregnant, strong smell hasn't been my friend. I hated the smell of onions, meat, frying grease and my most vicious enemy, cooked bacon. It was frustrating because I used to love it. Even now I am on my second trimester, the habit is starting to grow on me.
It affected my husband as well. Now, he has to schedule when he can eat bacon which he loves btw. I have tried every odor busting ways, like candles, oil scents, air freshener spray. Opening windows and turning on our apartment size vent would take 2 and a half days before the smell goes away. Actually, it doesn't really go away completely. Since I cook everyday, the smell of dinner from the night before just mix up and artificial air fresheners just cover the smell. Now on my pregnancy, even these artificial air freshener bothers me. Sometimes I was embarrassed to have friends over because of the smell.
I tried a couple of D.I.Y natural deodorizer, but it was too weak that it didn't even last an hour. So I saw this recipe and gave it a try.

All I needed were 2 ingredients. Baking Soda and Essential oil. I used Essential oil fragrance (lavender) from Michael's. You can find it at candle making supplies. You can used old recycled jars for containers and put cover it with doily for a cute touch, or if you are feeling lazy, just cheese cloth and a scrunchie will do. You can make as many as you want and it wont cost you that much! Shake it ever few hours. Your DIY deodorizer could last up to 2 months.

I have to say I am very impressed with the result! That night I made this, my husband had bacon! Of course it would not work instantly but I am so happy I don't have to wait days to have my house smell free!


Wish Box

Put your wish in a box and keep it close to your heart 

I've recently put new items on my Etsy store including one of these wish boxes. 

It can be a cute gift for birthdays or make an ordinary day a little more special :)