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Memorial picnic and memorial pie

Salut everyone!

It was a beautiful day foR a memorial celebration. The Andreasens (us) went to park for a picnic to celebrate the Memorial day. I was looking forward to seeing some people celebrating outdoors, but the park was empty like a normal day. However our family had a wonderful sunny day!

Here's Mira looking like she was plotting something diabolical. Maybe counting ways how to keep us awake tonight using her monkey wand.

We enjoyed the quiet outdoors

There's Jon trying to look sexy for me or just being goofy.

And here's our celebratory raspberry pie, Our Grandma June's recipe. My husband described it as a "it reminds me of the days stealing grandma's raspberries".

Red colored themed dessert signifying heroes' blood shed for this country. 

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial daY. Thanks for stopping by. To all who are and were in the service. Thank you for serving the country! God Bless America! 🇺🇸🎉👮


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