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I'm a photomom

I did it! I accomplished my baby's monthly photos with consistency! And yes, I took my baby's photos. 

Many asked me who had been taking pictures of Mirabella. Yep. It was me. I don't have the luxury of hiring a professional photographer. So I made the best of what I have for her photos in the comfort of my home. 

As a stay home mom, I want my creativity to flourish by doing the best out of small things.

 The success of my photos is mainly a team effort. I make photo time with my baby enjoyable, more like a baby-mommy bonding time. It's not the photos that makes these moments, but memories in the process, such as making her smile and laugh, and return became music to my ears.

I was asked if I am thinking of becoming a professional photographer. I just said, if there is an opportunity, I can't see why not!


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