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Tried and Tested: Alton Brown's Sugar Cookies

The halls are all decked with boughs of holly here at Castle Lemon. The Christmas preparation will not be complete without the sweet smell of freshly baked sugar cookies filling the house comfort and joy.
I admit, I have failed many times in making the perfect cookies. I won't say I have perfected the art of frosting but, I am getting there. It is only a matter of time and more practice to get a hang of it. So far this is what I have accomplished.

With these cookies, I used Alton Brown's Sugar cookie and royal icing recipes. I made a little modifications by adding some flavors.

I mixed some raspberry puree with my red frosting. That way, I had a jump start with color and added red food coloring until it reached my desired hue. I noticed the color gets darker when it dries. To be honest, the raspberry taste was too subtle. Perhaps, I should have experimented by adding some raspberry flavoring?

However, with my blue frosting, I added peppermint extract. I thought it tasted good,

Frosting could be a little tricky. The consistency of royal icing for flooding and outlining should be right. Get easy on adding water to the icing mixture when thinning.

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