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DIY Princess Leia Wig

What up lovely people!


Our family is invited to a fall festival w/ a little bit trick or treating. Though my baby is not old enough to glutton over a pile of candies, I thought it would be nice to enjoy the company of friends with their kiddos and it would be fun to dress-up my baby with cute costume. It was a last minute decision to go, so I had to make a quick trip to a near Hobby Lobby.
I want this to be fun for my husband as well. My husband is an avid fan of starwars, why not dress his princess as Leia.

It is easy to find Princess Leia dress but not the wig I want.

So for this DIY wig attempt, I used...well...this.

 I found a pair of black stockings at a thrift store. For my baby's safety, I sanitized the stockings before making the wig. I cut across this dotted line to hold the shape of the head. Don't throw the leg part. You will need these for later! Sew both sides back to make wig base.

I cut 3-4 feet strands of yarn good/thick enough to cover head. I used dark walnut color. It may look darker than it appear on photos. Line up the middle of the yard and run it on sewing machine, this way, the fold is more distinct and sturdier.

 Now make a pony tail on both sides. Remember the legs? Now cut the end and roll it to make a sock bun!

Secure both buns with bobby pins if needed.

Thanks for stopping by.

May the force be with you!

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Tuesday With a Twist


I'm a photomom

I did it! I accomplished my baby's monthly photos with consistency! And yes, I took my baby's photos. 

Many asked me who had been taking pictures of Mirabella. Yep. It was me. I don't have the luxury of hiring a professional photographer. So I made the best of what I have for her photos in the comfort of my home. 

As a stay home mom, I want my creativity to flourish by doing the best out of small things.

 The success of my photos is mainly a team effort. I make photo time with my baby enjoyable, more like a baby-mommy bonding time. It's not the photos that makes these moments, but memories in the process, such as making her smile and laugh, and return became music to my ears.

I was asked if I am thinking of becoming a professional photographer. I just said, if there is an opportunity, I can't see why not!