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Vintage Inspired Birthday Shoot

Time flies by so fast. I cannot believe my princess just turned two! It is not easy raising a child but I always keep in mind each year is different than the other. Each day with her is a gift. Photo-shoots with her is always a bliss. Its a time I can bond with her doing something I love, and a time I can focused on her with all my attention.

It is a challenge to shoot babies to toddlers. I want this activity to be as stress-free as I can, which means I have to be quick to take as many shots looking goofily to get that sweet smile. I let her do whatever she wants to do to keep her happy. If she wants to walk, I let her walk. I had to do this outdoor shoot fast when I saw the mosquitos were trying to feast on my poor baby!

Sometimes, I let imperfections slip here and there. You might see a smudge of ketchup at the corner of her mount because she just had her dinner then off I went fix her hair, set up while trying to catch the golden hour (which I think I kinda failed to do so).

 I do not put any kind of make up on her face. I want to keep it as natural as I can. I want to capture true perfection of be beauty. I personally think she is perfect the way she is created. MOMfully speaking.


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