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5 Months!

I cannot believe they got this big in a span of five months! 
Having two babies at the same time is quite a work. Hands down to those who have triplets or more than that! Bless your heart. 
But I want to encourage you sister, if you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, remember, they are not small forever. Consider raising your future best friends! lol!

To see them grow healthy and happy (except when they are hungry or sleepy or teething) is unbelievably rewarding. It is interesting to see how they develop different personality!

 There are so many that needed to be done and so many things I would wish to do. I have to keep to myself to take one thing at a time and my babies are my priority. If there was one thing I learned was, Don't expect help, but accept all the help you can get! Us moms have this idea in our head that nobody can take care of our babies better than we do, but sometimes, we just have to let go and not be crazy uptight that everything has to be a certain way

It has been 5 looong months, but sooner or later they will be running away from mama's arms! There are many things I wish I should have done for myself, but I never regret losing those 5 months of my life. I want to think of it not a loss but a gift exclusively for my wonderful babies!

Have a wonderful day brave warriors!


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