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Four Step Lemon-Onion Chicken

I just tried this recipe for dinner. It was really good that I have to blog about it.
This is Melissa D'Arabian's recipe from Food Network magazine. It was the  first dish she ever cooked for her husband.

The recipe calls for white wine, but I substituted Sherry cooking wine.
The flavors are well balanced and my favorite part of the dish was the citrus glazed onions! I would definitely recommend this. A must try one!

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  1. Yummy! We'd love for you to share your recipe at our party! http://housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com/2013/02/riverton-housewives-round-up-54.html

  2. I love chicken (my favorite meat in fact) and his looks and sounds yummy.
    Going to try it.
    First dish I cooked for my husband (or to anyone as I'd never cooked... not really) was codfish with rice. It is very nice but people should really say the codfish should be unsalted to work ahahahah. Back then I didn't taste what I cooked but when I tasted the rice I was instantly in love because the dear heart never said a thing - must have drink gallons of water after but never said anything... a keeper or what?


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