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Unnamed Dish

I am not really good at giving titles and names (good luck to my future kids). If you would say I should just name the ingredients and how I made it, the name of this dish will only end up a long descriptive procedure with bad grammar.

I came up with this dish when I was getting rid of what was left of the veggies in the fridge to room for new groceries for the week. The vegetables are a day or two away from being thrown in the trash. I didn't want to do it so I tried to be a little bit creative and see what I could do with it.

As someone who cooks like a man like me, of course, I didn't measure everything so I can't share the recipe, but what I could share is what I did.

So, I sliced the baguettes (preferably in thin slices). I cut the cherry tomatoes in halves and cooked it in Sherry in a saucepan. I added diced red onions, and a splash of V8 tomato juice and a dash of sugar. In a pan, I melted the butter and sauteed the asparagus and garlic. I liked my garlic to be a little brown-ish.
I brushed the sliced baguette with olive oil and sprinkled some garlic powder. Top with the cooked cherry tomatoes mixture. Next, the as garlic asparagus and top with blue cheese! Et Voila! 

Do you have any creative ideas for naming this dish?

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  1. Tapas Primavera is a good name. Trust me ;)
    Spanish people have a dish that's named Tapas that look like that and Primavera (Spring) because it really looks fresh and Springly...

    And giving a foreigh name adds "mistery" ahahahah

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

    1. I love that name! You are so good at this! Thanks Teresa!

  2. Une belle petite note printanière sur tranche !...
    Gros bisous

    1. merci beaucoup martinealison!

      gros embrasser


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