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Christmas Birdhouse Project

It's not to be up decorating and crafting again. It is one of my relaxing moments on my days off from a tiring work at the restaurant.

I am doing a few sorts of new decor lately. It's funny how my taste in decoration differ from the last year. Although, I have been recycling and re-using some stuff that I had last year to make new ones.

I had this wooden bird house since last year. I got it from Goodwill for a $1 or less. This is going to be my blank canvas for this project. One of my problems is I over think things too much. I was too excited to do something with it a while a ago but I just ended up not doing anything with it so it just sat around, collecting dust at the storage room, until one night while watching TV with hubby, I jumped right off the couch like a spaz chihuahua and gathered...

 a piece of scrapbook I got as a present from my Aunt Carol 2 years ago, some transparent glitters, modge podge, geeso paint and artificial snow grains that bought last year at the end of year Christmas clearance.

Covering the bird house's front was quite tricky. After I managed to finally do it, I had to paint some blue parts of the house with white Gesso. Embellished it with glitters for frost effect and artificial snow for snow effect

You could either hang it...

or display as it is.

I hope you like my little project! Have a wonderful day!

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