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Someone Special is Coming

I stared at it for the longest time. I remember it lasted about a few minutes. Now the two purple intersecting  lines made quite an impact that would change my life forever.

Maybe I was reading it incorrectly? Are those really two lines or it was actually just one because I can bearly see the other line. There was a hint of denial. I went to the store and got another one, but this time it will be for sure. I did it again and digitally confirmed, "Pregnant".

I felt my blood drained from my head. Everything stopped for a moment. I was dumbfounded then my thoughts ran like the speed of light. I have summed my baby's course of life from childbirth fast forward to adolescence. Then, my thoughts reverted to "what will become of me?".

When I found out we were having a baby, It wasn't like the movies when I'm over the moon. Tiny cute clothing's and flaunting my bump were my least concerned.

I am growing another human being whom in the future is capable of either hurting me or loving me unconditionally. This stranger would come in my life who potentially could take everything I have and or be my everything.

I only fell deeply in love once. I have sacrificed and loved my husband to the fullest. The fear of losing him eats me, so what more of my flesh and blood? My husband reminded me that this child is not our possession but only entrusted in our care to find its purpose to contribute for the benefit of reflecting God's glory.

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  1. Oh myric! You'll do great! You will be a great mom! And once your little bundle of joy comes out...you will know for sure what selfless love is really like :) enjoy it, it is indeed a miracle having LIFE inside of you...it is really AMAZING :)


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