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Tapioca Oreo Pearl Shake

The first trimester of my pregnancy is taking my appetite on a roller coaster ride. Although, I wanted to throw up everything, but I had to make sure my stomach has something to digest since my body is at work twice as much. I want to nurture my baby eventhough the smell of some foods is killing me.

One of the joys of pregnancy is enjoying your food cravings while your hubby gets it for you even at 3 in the morning. However, one of the pitfall of knowing how to cook is, when I crave something, I make it happen. My usual problem was, most of the food I craved wasn't available here so I had to make my own.

I had a craving for Zagu. Zagu is a brand name for a Tapioca pearl shake I loved way back 10 or more so years ago when still I was still in Manila. I have used and tried different types of tapioca available here in U.S but none of them successfully comparable to this...Boba tapioca is available at Asian store. This tapioca is chewy, sweeter by itself and very easier to cook. And for the shake, just blend ice oreo cookies and milk.


Not all stories have happy ending. After enjoying my zagu, my morning sickness kicked in and I threw up. Bummer.


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