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First Frost Wreath

I was inspired to create something since the appearance of the first frost. Equipped with an offer i cannot refuse and a coupon, now my window frame is adorned with the magic of frosted wreath that I kept small and simple.

With thanksgiving just around the corner, I hope everyone who are traveling be safe and warm. And to all parents on the road with children. May you keep your sanity. 

It is not easy keeping kids occupied but i believe they are capable of finding ways to entertain themselves.

Here is little M killing boredom


DIY Palette Wood Giant Clock

This is a long overdue to brag about me and my father-in-law's craftsmanship made from wood palette. My hubby had a hankering for a big wall clock when we moved to a house we are renting. Moving from an apartment to a house is quite a change. Our walls felt empty for the lack of decorations. Timely, my father in law had wood palettes to spare. And what could fill up our empty wall but a giant clock!

While dad cut up the wood for me and I did the paint and distressing. We are quite a team, dad and I.

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Mrs.Butterworth Snow Angels

The song "Hark the Heral Angels Sing" repeatedly played in my head over and over again while I work on this project. Some of you may say it's too early for such songs, but as for me and my house, Christmas is slowly creeping in.

This is a simple craft that you can do with your kiddos, plus teaching them how to recycle in creative way.
One morning while having my breakfast, I see  Mrs. Butterworth looking at me begging for a makeover. I thought I give her wings and paint her white (from the inside). I thought I'd make an angel of her as she give a heavenly taste to my pancakes!

It is up to you how you want to design your angel figure. I looked for available materials I already have in hand and put them all together! I wanted a simple white with a little gold tone.

Are you inspired to make your own? Please take a photo and send it to me. I love... love to be inspired by your works! I willbe bragging about it here at Castle Lemon

Happy Creating!

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Capturing Eyes

One of my favorite bonding time with my baby is capturing bonding moments, be it on feeding time, playtime or bath time. 

Casual moments matters too. What could seem look simple could potentially be a lifetime memory.

 As I was gaining more understanding exposure (photography), my baby's eyes gave me a thought.

One thing I learned about Michelle Duggar is "Capture their eyes, you capture their heart". Sometimes when we are frustrated with our kids, we forget the power of kindness and resort for anger which can make us parents loud, scary and annoying. Weshould know. We all felt that way about our parents before.

If you are reading this, I pray that today that you find the peace channel it to your child/ren and beat any anger or frustrations.

Happy Capturing!