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In Fashion for Fall: Dresses and Boots

It's fall. I could wear my boots again.
 I wish I could say that again now I am here at AZ. It still isn't cold enough to wear boots. However, I did try to wear my fall boots last Sunday, but I only survived for a couple of hours. I miss the Midwest :(

Anyways, I love love browsing through Dresses from Shabby Apple. The very first place I visit is the on sale section! I love good deals!

I have to admit, sometimes I don't know which dress matches well with boots. I found some great fall fashion inspirations that are currently on sale!

I like stretchy flow y dress. It gives.. well.. ahem..an illusion that my body is not as big as it really is. Plus, I could breath well enough.

I like using accessories like belts because it gives a little shape to my body. It reminds me to tuck my tummy in lol!

Did you see anything you like?
These dresses are currently on sale. Just click the Shabby Apple's banner at left column of this blog to see  more choices on their site.


  1. Az is also Cowboyland...so you actually can enjoy dressing-up country style in Az...except until your feet feels so warm that you wish you have your flipflops so they can breathe...:)..I love that moss green outfit! It looks light (must be jersey), perfect for Az weather!

    1. I saw you have a pair of those cowboy boots. I love it on you along with that hat!

  2. I like dress #1 and dress #3 the best. Out here in Arizona you can wear cowboy boots all year round :o) Somewhere I have a pretty pair of chambrey blue cowboy books that I used to where with long blue jean skirt back in the day.
    I do really like the cowboy boots you post on facebook... very pretty stuff!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

    1. I absolutely agree with you Miss Queenie! I am eyeing to get a pair of southern boots myself. It's expensive in souvenir shops we've been to though. I should never move out from Arizona with that as a souvenir.

      You said you used to wear? Do you not wear them anymore?


  3. Beautiful selection, Myric! I'm currently searching desperately for the perfect pair of boots. I don't have tall boots. I've looked online, in stores and have come up empty. I need to shop around more. I actually ordered a pair on Aldo.com but then the next day they sent me this email saying "sorry, those are actually out of stock." I was so mad! Anyway, wish me luck! Sorry you can't wear yours in the crazy heat!


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