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Good day everybody! 
The blog The Dedicated house is having a link party called "Anything Blue Friday" and I thought I'd share what I found today. I went shopping with my good friend at a boutique called Ozma Atelier. She has nice collections of vintage accessories and great fashionable clothing. She had a one day sale today and I found this purrty crochet dress.

The color caught my attention. I loved blue, but I was hesitant about the crochet part. My exact words were like " I look like a table", because this is the exact pattern my mom did for our table cover, and I just couldn't get that out of my head, until the ladies in the dressing room thought it was cute and are willing to trade it with theirs. They suggested it would go so well as country style fashion. It opened my eyes to a potential possibility! And plus, it only cost $2!!! Love it!

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  1. It is beautiful and a great price too.

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