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Monday Hugs and Awards

Hello! Great Monday to all of you. I just recieved wonderful surprises from my friend Cindy F. Adkins of Art, Books, Tea Blog.

Like me, Cindy is also a big fan of writing. We both share common joys in life such as writing, reading and art appreciation with a cup of tea on the side. You'll find her blog entertaining as she also post her adorable cats  just being silly. And today, I just found out that she interviewed one of my favorite blogger/writer Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings about her newest book called Spirituality: Making God Personal.

The first award is the Sunshine award. To recieve one, I must answer these following questions. So here it is.

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal:  Dog
Favorite number: 1
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Frappucino

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook. I have twitter but I never bothered to learn how to use it.
My passion:  Observing
Prefer getting or giving presents: I can't choose!

Favorite pattern: Damask
Favorite day of the week:  Saturday
Favorite flower:  Sunflower

The second award was Genuine Blogger Award. There are no rules in recieving  this one. Although I do not really know the criteria for this award but, I am just so happy and proud to recieve it.

And the third award is the hug award. Hugging reaches beyond physical touch deep down to the soul. It expressess any unspeakable words love could give. You can read more about this HUG AWARD here.

I would like to deeply say my thanks to Cindy who awarded me with these award and more than that, for being such a very nice and sweet friend. If you love Art, Books, Tea (and even tea cup collections), her blog is your cup-of-tea ;). She also makes such beautiful decorative bird houses!

And now I am passing these awards to very talented Donna of My Shabby Chateau. She makes beautiful frame make-overs and chalkboards. She just updated a mirror and made it into something fabulous! click here to find out!


  1. You so deserve every single one of these awards. Congratulations sweetie!


  2. Thank you Myric for the award, you are so sweet! And I'll have to check out the interview of Cindy, how awesome!!

  3. You are so welcome, Myric! It was fun learning a little more about you!
    Hugs, Cindy


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