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Touched by Fantasy

My hubby works at the university and he told me that Terry Brooks who is one of my favorite author of fantasy novels known as Shannarah series and the writer of Star Wars Phantom Menace will be presented in Tucson Festival of Books. I excitedly said "yes!" even he wasn't finished with what he was saying. This triggered my inner nerd-ity to come-out, fascinated with ancient maps, mythical creatures and magic.

Meeting the author of the first fantasy book I liked seemed to be more like a fantasy to me when I was in Manila. I never thought we would meet and even talk. I was star-struck. My speech led me down poorly that I stuttered unnecessarily.

I used to dislike my name because it usually creates confusion, followed by spell check, followed by an explanation, what does it stand for or where it came from. It changed when it became a conversation piece with Mr. Brooks. He find my name quite unique and asked me if he could use it or include it in his lexicon. "As an elf perhaps?"  I asked. It might end up as a troll name he said with a laugh. However he wants to use it, it's gonna be awesome. I just really wish not as a troll or a witch.
A very funny guy. He isn't fond of twitter, facebook or blogging. He tried to blog once but it didn't turn out the way it should be. So now, he blogs semi-annually. Funny story
Mr. Brooks showing my name  to another fantasy writer Maria Dahvana Headly, author of Queen of Kings

Here I was waiting in the line for to meet Mr. Brooks

for an autograph with a personalized message "Magic with your own book". Priceless.

Have you met your favorite author?



  1. How totally exciting!!! And WOW he wants to use your name as a character... You were a muse for the day for your favorite author!!!
    Memories that will last a lifetime!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Myric, I'm so happy for you! That's so exciting!! I love that he wants to use your name in one of his novels - wow!! Great photos - especially the one of you and him together.

  3. How wonderful, Myric. Let us know what sort of character you become.
    Funnily enough I was only talking about you recently with my mum, who had seen one of your comments on my blog, and we said what a lovely name you have.
    I met the author, Winston Graham, who wrote many books, including a series set in Cornwall, called Poldark. That was very exciting. Then several years later I wrote to him about his books and he sent a lovely reply.


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