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Good Friday

Good Friday to all!

 To some, Easter season is associated with Spring, Easter eggs, easter bunnies and chocolates like this!
Nice, France April 2010

Nice France, April 2010

However, this is entirely different from practice where I grew-up. Instead of painting eggs, we would go and see "Sinakulo", a dramatic presentation of Christ's suffering and death. Forget about the award winning actors. This is the real deal where someone is literally being nailed on the cross, not as a convicted criminal, but merely voluntarily for repentance of sin, while some men engage in penitensya or penance where they parade in the streets barefoot flogging their backs with whips embedded with thorns and glass shards as an act of repentance from their sins. This was our much awaited parade every Holy Week when we were kids. We would wear white shirt on purpose and stand as near as we could to bloody volunteers, and we would boast on spatted blood stained on our shirt. It was quite unsanitary place for a child.

There's nothing like that where I am now. All I could see were hopping bunnies and cute squirrels jumping over the fence. No blood related scenery. So to commemorate the darkest and most important event of human history, I am listening to one of my favorite song called "Why" by Nichole Nordeman. It's a  story in a form of a song, kinda like "Jonie Please Don't Cry". You might want to pay attention to the lyrics :)


  1. Yikes!
    Have a very Happy Easter, Myric, and stick to the chocolate!


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