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Petite Choux aux Fraises

I am suppose to reveal my next thrift store make-over today, but it is not turning out the way I am hoping for. I may have to spend more that with that. Oh well.

So today I want to share something else instead.

There were two French books that I was brave enough to buy when we were in France. One, a children's story book French and French desserts recipe book. I got this because it was very cheap and it contains tarts that I usually get from patisserie.

Photo via amazon

I have been procrastinating this project for a long time because it required translating the whole recipe instructions and conversation from Metric to Standard measurement. The pictures had taunted me. I decided to have a series of French Dessert and will share it here in my blog.

I started with this recipe. This is basically cream puffs but a lighter. This is my first attempt but I am not sure if I did it right, I hope it taste like how it's suppose to but my hubby said it tasted good. I'll take his world for that. I'm going to make this again and I am determined to make it right.

Ill share the recipe right after I polish my translation.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Have a very sweet Thursday!


  1. Hi Myric Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh do these ever look absolutely delish? I love strawberries and the little pastries look so wonderful. Oh I would love it if you shared the recipe along with a little tutorial as you make them.

    Absolutely scrumptous looking and perfect for this time of year with strawberries in season.

    Have a glorious day sweet one. We got a little rain in my part of the valley today. Was so nice for a change. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Looks very yummy, enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. oh my

    i have never had these
    but i would very much like
    to be eating one right now

    thanks for sharing
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  4. I actually live in France and the bakery down the street from us has the most fabulous choux! I can't resist them every time I'm there. They are without Strawberries and it's so good, I am sure strawberries would just add to the wonderfulness!!

  5. These look delicious and pretty, Myric. I want to learn how to make creme brulee. It is my friend's favorite dessert, and I would love to surprise her with it!

  6. Delicious! Visiting from Stuff and Nonsense - LOVE your blog. New Follower

  7. That looks delicious, Myric!! Yum!

  8. Oh yum! Yes I hope are able to share the recipe! Thank you for sharing this at my party this week!

  9. Then there, bravo! I think that secret is to dry it well in the saucepan! Thanks to you. I love french desserts


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