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Goodwill Revamp Reveal

Last time, I showed you two items that I got from Goodwill store. I just finished this little project today.

It wasn't real biggie. What I did was took off the top of this candle holder to use as a pedestal for my candle dish that I also painted ivory.

Of course, it would be boring if I did not put an image on a blank dish. So I rushed to my favorite source of images The Graphic's Fairy.

So I didn't have decal sheets so I tried to use a similar image transfer experiment I did here. Since this is ceramic, it's gonna be a little more different than like transfering an image to a fabric. This time, I cut-out the image as close as possible to the image lines. Then, I glued the image, ink face down the surface of the ceramic. Let it dry for a night or two to be very sure. Then after, I rubbed the excess wax paper using your finger dabbed in water. It is very important to rub it very gently so the entire ink wont come off. This works for projects that you wish to have a little faded or rustic look. Then finish it sealing the image with modge podge.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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  1. Beautiful project!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. I love it...Great project. Can't wait to see what you do with the recipe box.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. GREAT reno!!! It doesn't even look like the same thing. Have a super weekend. :)

  4. Hey !!! love this,,i have a room full of stuff now that i.m doing like this too !!!! thanks, ox christy

  5. Going to the Goodwill or like stores is my favorite activity. You have done super well with this little project. Who would of thought that wooded candlestick would be turned into something so yummy!

  6. I have become your newest follower and ask that you come say hi over to my blog called Something Special. Thanks for sharing!


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