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Passion Parade Link Soiree

I love link parties. I always imagine how much fun it is to host a blog soiree! It is very exciting to see what our fellow bloggers has to show, so I decided to host a link party here at Petites Passions! I just finished editting my button for it, thanks for wonderful image source The Background Fairy,
 I will call it...

Your passion is worth sharing.

I believe everyone has gifted a passion to uplift and encourage others, be it passion in cooking, writing, stories, tips, tutorials, homemaking, faith, your family, photography, arts and crafts etc!

The Parade will begin on May 4, every Friday.

Mark the date!


  1. Myric, this is a neat idea! I've never participated in a link party and have only just recently found out they exist, thanks to seeing your link buttons and buttons on one or two other blogs. Is there a link you can give me that explains what to do, etc.? I'm a complete novice at this type of thing -- linking, guest posting, and buttons confuse me greatly! LOL

  2. How fun, Myric! I'll be sure to participate and will post your button on my blog! Hugs,

  3. Hi Myric,
    I love linky parties too...Yours sounds awesome...I will definitely have to put it on my calender. Happy May.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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