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Passion Parade Link Soiree

I love link parties. I always imagine how much fun it is to host a blog soiree! It is very exciting to see what our fellow bloggers has to show, so I decided to host a link party here at Petites Passions! I just finished editting my button for it, thanks for wonderful image source The Background Fairy,
 I will call it...

Your passion is worth sharing.

I believe everyone has gifted a passion to uplift and encourage others, be it passion in cooking, writing, stories, tips, tutorials, homemaking, faith, your family, photography, arts and crafts etc!

The Parade will begin on May 4, every Friday.

Mark the date!


Petite Choux aux Fraises

I am suppose to reveal my next thrift store make-over today, but it is not turning out the way I am hoping for. I may have to spend more that with that. Oh well.

So today I want to share something else instead.

There were two French books that I was brave enough to buy when we were in France. One, a children's story book French and French desserts recipe book. I got this because it was very cheap and it contains tarts that I usually get from patisserie.

Photo via amazon

I have been procrastinating this project for a long time because it required translating the whole recipe instructions and conversation from Metric to Standard measurement. The pictures had taunted me. I decided to have a series of French Dessert and will share it here in my blog.

I started with this recipe. This is basically cream puffs but a lighter. This is my first attempt but I am not sure if I did it right, I hope it taste like how it's suppose to but my hubby said it tasted good. I'll take his world for that. I'm going to make this again and I am determined to make it right.

Ill share the recipe right after I polish my translation.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Have a very sweet Thursday!


Goodwill Revamp Reveal

Last time, I showed you two items that I got from Goodwill store. I just finished this little project today.

It wasn't real biggie. What I did was took off the top of this candle holder to use as a pedestal for my candle dish that I also painted ivory.

Of course, it would be boring if I did not put an image on a blank dish. So I rushed to my favorite source of images The Graphic's Fairy.

So I didn't have decal sheets so I tried to use a similar image transfer experiment I did here. Since this is ceramic, it's gonna be a little more different than like transfering an image to a fabric. This time, I cut-out the image as close as possible to the image lines. Then, I glued the image, ink face down the surface of the ceramic. Let it dry for a night or two to be very sure. Then after, I rubbed the excess wax paper using your finger dabbed in water. It is very important to rub it very gently so the entire ink wont come off. This works for projects that you wish to have a little faded or rustic look. Then finish it sealing the image with modge podge.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

up next...

Have a wonderful day!!!


Breaking Silence

It has been very slow and silent here in my blog lately but not in my actual world. I laid back quite a bit on posting decoration stuffs and inspirations. I currently in the process of writing a story which required a lot of research and reading. I was also caught-up in life's necessities that I somehow neglected blogging and so missed the joy of doing it. It made me miss my friends in blog world and their posts immensely!

I decided to make a way to keep in touch more with wonderful Bloggers out there, and I will be preparing for a surprise this week!

But for now, I want to share some items that I picked-up from a thrift store.

If, you know me, I like recycling and giving second chances to unwanted stuff. I had a vision for this candle holder.

This recipe holder needs some TLC. I am pretty sure it's beauty was loved before until it acquired these scratches. I want to give it a new image. 

Their new look will be revealed soon :)


Rocky Road Cupcakes

There's a cupcake place from near where we live called Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe where I thought I'd try to get a job at. I am no culinary arts graduate nor bake guru and I never applied in a bakery before so I thought I'd prepare myself for unexpected tests.

I looked for a very basic cupcake recipe online. I picked my favorite flavor Rocky Road.

So I followed the recipe

baked it

made some chocolate frosting ( because I ran out of bitter sweet chocolate)

Then decorate it and "VOILA!".

Enjoy the fruit of your labor :)

And btw, that Cupcake Shoppe weren't accepting applicants (...in contrary to what their website say), so me and hubby just enjoyed their banana and lemon cupcake.
Oh Well...