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Incorporating 80's design

This old toy box was ran down, beaten up, slammed and jumped on when three little boys were done with it. Now that all those boys are now full grown men (including my husband), this fun box is now handed down to a little girl who tenderly plays with it.

My father in law who is an amazing self taught craftsman made this by his own hands and I love that this has a significant history especially in my husband's life.

Dad reconfigured the toy box and installed soft close hinges for safety. I painted the front with chalkboard pain so the kiddos can have fun with it.

We have all seen that one shelf with grandma's old  figurines and spoon souvenirs. I knew what to do with this old shelf as soon as found it at the thrift store. I gave it a fresh new white wash paint and a chalkboard base just for fun. I completed the ensemble by hanging it next to a vintage chalkboard box when mom and I went on antiquing.

 Some may agree some decors in the 80's shouldn't come back. I think 80's stuff shouldn't be feared to incorporate in new designs.

My choice of design may not speak new and grand. I like everything functional and simple.


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