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Green Bliss

I don't have a green thumb but that doesn't stop me from trying.

I chose snow princess to partner up with mint . I love the sweet scent of these flowers and its clean white color

The colors of petunias and the beauty of patience were calling. The smell of fresh watered herbs planted in moist soil gave a sense of inspiration to try new recipes on this perfect Georgian weather. I could get lost at the gardening section, but I was on a mission.

It is nice to have a place in the house where I can relax. Fresh greenery gives me a sense of hope that I can make it through the day in our crazy house. I chose plants that are useful for the kitchen that adds sweet fresh aroma I love

 I am not a flower type of person but i thought it would be nice to mix them up colors with my herbs to add a little bit of texture in the mix

dark knight with my basil/

If you are an avif fan of Fixer upper, elephant bush is one of Joanna Gaines' suggested indoor greenery. I personally love the combination of maroons and greens.


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