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Life's Simple Pleasures

I started the day with a very nice cup of coffee. In my solitary moment, the nice taste of my Christmas Cookie Coffee gave me a sudden urge to be thankful for life's simple pleasures. What can be better way to start a week than to think of something thankful for right?

I am thankful for life's simple pleasure of gifts and discounts! These makes morning shower more exciting! For those who know me, I would not want to get these on their original price. I got some of them as a gift from my mumsy who influenced me to use Baths and Body Works and I got some of them from their huge clearance sale! I love clearance! I am so happy they have the scents I want!
The nice part is, I got my hubby hooked on Peach Bellini foaming handwash and scented candle! I am so glad we have the same taste!

The second simple pleasure I am thankful for is of course Christmas Cookie coffee we bought from Beans and Such that I mentioned here on my blog before. My visit from Lincon Town of IL will not be complete without going there! I absolutely love Mary's shop!
I am loving this coffee flavor. This changed my perspective on coffee taste. I called my hubby from his office and told him he was right!  Coffee and fruit flavor is not the best combination. 
For me, he is a coffee Connoisseur

Well, that's it for me for today.

So what about you? What are life's simple pleasures are you thankful for?



  1. Christmas Cookie COFFEE..? Uuum, I WANT THAT.. It sounds SOO dreamy., lolol.. What does it taste like..? This is a great post.. I am off to check out Beans and such.. thanks so much for sharing Myric :)) Wishing you an amazing week.. xoxo.

  2. Every day I wake up and spend 5 minutes thinking about all the wonderful things that make up my life right now - a house I love, hobbies I am passionate about, the energy to put into those hobbies, my health, the happy and healthy pets I own and the beautiful people I have in my life...

    You included Myric!

    Beautiful post! (I'm thinking I need to try that coffee and add it to my list of things to be thankful for)


  3. My daughter & I found some Bath & Body on sale as well. I love there products and finding great deals. Flavored Coffee is one of my simple pleasure's too! That's the first time i have heard about Beans And Such....Christmas Cookie Coffee sounds delicious! One of my other simple pleasure's is having some quiet time to relax and enjoy reading friends's blogs! Loved reading your post!


  4. Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite stores. I especially love their aromatherapy body wash and soaps.

  5. I'm with you, Myric! Simple pleasures really are the best! I get excited just smelling my morning coffee brewing!

  6. Simple is always the best!! does it get any better than great smells in your home!! So glad you linked up!!

  7. Snuggly dogs on a cold morning! Hands down! And Dunkin Donuts coffee...

    Great post Myric!


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