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Meal Planner App

I am getting bigger and it is no joke. I have to stop spoiling myself with unhealthy foods and should start a habit of  healthier choice of foods!

I was browsing through my appstore when I stumbled upon this cool meal planner app! Awesome! I thought to myself. I love to cook but I hate making weekly meal plans!

I am excited to use and share it. I am so impressed that I even had a dream about it sharing it with my friends! Some of you might have heard or are using it already, but to some who hasn't yet (like me)....

Food on The Table is a convenient way to find recipes, do a grocery list and find good produce food deals all at the same time! It has great selection of healthy recipes.
You could plan your meal on your computer or download the app for your iphone. 

Do you have other techniques in meal planning? I would love for you to share it!


  1. I might try that....I loss some weight but I have got to loose the belly! Planning helps with the budget too....

  2. Thank you Myric for your sweet words!


  3. ooooh....gotta try this out!! Thanks for the tip Myric!


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