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Snowman Hunt #3: Kitchen

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading all your sweet comments about mumsy's house. I have been chatting to her how you like her place! It made her happy :) It is near the end of the tour but I will be having a giveaway after.

Today, I will take you to my favorite part of the house.
The kitchen!
I lived with my in-law's for four months when I moved to U.S. Mumsy and Dadzy opened their house for me while waiting till my fiance (now my husband) finished his phd and till our wedding.
It was a very significant 4 months for us. We had developed a more intimate relationship. They showered me with so much love when I was homesick for my family.

Let's sneak under the counter
This is where I learned how to cook. The same place where I impressed them with the taste of Filipino food. They  both encouraged me and were very supportive during my experimental times.
They didn't mind serving as my lab rats.
I have to say. I was quite a little nervous impressing them. Turned out, they are sweetest in-laws I know.

Okay, back to the trip. This is the exact corner I sat waiting for fat Larry (the squirrel) to show up at the back yard every morning!

That's him! I think they are cute and there are no Squirrels in Manila!

I just love her little decorative somthin-somethin in her cabinet!
How about a closer look?

She keeps painting made by family. That painting there is the work of her youngest son when he was a little boy!
This was last year's kitchen window. I did not realize she changed it to..


She doesn't get just any paper towels. It has to be cute like dadzy teases her. lol!
I hope I did not overwhelmed you with too many photos. I was having a hard time choosing which one, but I hope you enjoyed a little tour of chez mumsy.
Till the next post!


  1. What wonderful in-laws you have. I would love to cook in that kitchen. Wondering how long it takes her to decorate for Christmas and how long to pack it up again for next year?

  2. Your in-laws home is beautiful and so much thought has gone into the Christmas decorating.
    What a delight it must be having in-laws you get along with, mine have never forgiven me for marrying their son!!
    Fat Larry is certainly fat!

  3. What special in-laws you have! Their home is definitely filled with lots of love!

  4. The cubby under the kitchen island is wonderful!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Oh my gosh, your mothr-in-law is gorgeous!!! And your father-in-law is so handsome! Their home is beautiful.

    So my question is, when is she starting a blog? LOL

    Thanks so much for birthday wishes. Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  6. What a cozy kitchen! She has some very cute Christmas decorations. Love the little chair and table "under the cabinet!"
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. I can see why this is your favorite space! Beautiful kitchen!

  8. I adore the Big Boy guy under the kitchen island. I'll have to check out the other pictures of her house!


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