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Love Boots?

Bon jour my fellow beautiful bloggers and visitors!
I hope you are all having a lovely day! I am so excited that my projects were featured on few wonderful blogs! It encourages me a lot to create more!
Last time, I showed you my second attempt to design a decorative tag. I wasn't contented with just one design so I am designing more using my left-over blank tags I bought supposed to be last Christmas! 
 In the spirit of the coming Valentine's day, I couldn't help myself but to express the things I love like BOOTS!
I LOVE BOOTS! is the common expression you would hear from me. So I thought of making it visual!
 This tag is inspired by to those who loves boots as much as I do!
 I designed the background with the help from  The Graphic's Fairy but I had to improvised with the rest of the design.

Do you love boots? How many pairs do do you have?


  1. Love the Love the Boots :o)
    Very fun tag!! Enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. I also Love Boots and I Love your Tag.

  3. I love this tag, Myric. It sort of has a double meaning for me. We have a store over here called Boots, selling mostly health and beauty products. Husband says I can't walk past a Boots, I have to go in.

  4. Very CUTE tag.. I love it..:)) SOOOO SORRY for the name confusion. Ugh, kick me later..:))

    (PS: I tagged you today via a post.. Please stop in and have a looksey.. ;))) Wishing you an excellent weekend ahead.. xoxox..


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