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That Time When I Became a Levite

I drempt of my family and friends back home ever since I left for the U.S. Just when I couldn't take it anymore, I decided to look for a job, even though a stay-at-home wife satisfies me just fine. We need to save up to visit my family.

The past few months were spiritually and emotional difficult for me. I've had people ask me for help to find a job here in the U.S, but I had to break the sad news to them that America is not what my fellow countrymen thought a decade ago. The competition against other job seekers is so heavy, especially now that most establishments prefer online applications rather than walk-in applicants.

It is quite saddening. I have applied to numerous jobs, including positions for which I might be over-qualified, but I just ended up being rejected with a promise of “Good-luck to your future endeavors” over email without even a chance to sell myself to prove that I can be an asset to their company. Added to my frustration is the never-ending spam that floods my email, promotional texts and phone calls that try to sell me credit cards bother me everyday. The online job seeker sites are to blame.

My husband, along with me for support, and I went to the mall to apply for a job. There was a spark of hope when I talked to the person in charge. After a few days, there was no phone call like I was hoping for.

Maybe God is protecting me from these type of industries that might hurt me or He is just finding the right job for me. These are the words thaat my friend gave me that comforted me. I accepted it wholeheartedly and suddenly my heart turned back to praise. Maybe I am better than selling over-priced sweats, bras and panties.

That night, I woke in the middle of the night. That usually happens when the Lord wants to talk to me. Then I prayed. I thanked him for protection. I told him I just need a job, that's all.

The next day, our Pastor called and offered me a position in the church because there was a need.

The choice of the tribe of Levi for the highest spiritual service was due to their ability to channel their strong character in the service of God. My service and dedication is deep. I have dedicated my heart's devotion to each company I worked before. I served with loyalty and without complaints, but I find it more worthy to make the house of the Lord one soul richer and cleaner than making someone 1 billion dollars richer, because there is no cause I believe more than God's cause.

There are two who know what I am capable of doing. Me and the Lord. He made and molded me for a bigger plan. His plan.

The house of the Lord has rescued me and has become the house of opportunity for me instead. Some companies measure my capability through my resume but God sought deep down in my heart something he wants for his kingdom. The great part is, he still provides room for improvements.


  1. God is Good, ALL THE TIME!!
    Congratulations on the new job!!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Congratulations on your new job!
    May God richly bless you.

  3. I feel you....

    Congratulations! Patience is a virtue indeed.
    Good things come to those who Wait.

  4. I am absolutely delighted for you, Myric. What wonderful news. The funny thing is, as I was reading this post, and feeling very sad for you, I was thinking that the reason you weren't getting these jobs was because there was something better waiting for you! And you couldn't ask for a better boss!!!!

    1. Thanks tracey! Sometimes i forget to have a open heart in times of discouragement. Open heart opens eyes to see the real blessings.

  5. Congratulations on your new job, Myric! It is difficult out there today with so many people looking for jobs, but see - the perfect job appeared for you! Prayer is powerful! Hugs,


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