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Great Decorating Tips from Guest Poster

 I am very excited to introduce to you my guest blogger here in Petites Passions. Christina Johnson is a writer for Elliman Prudential. She have written a few articles on interior holiday decor,  winterizing garden, and using energy efficient decor. I am very pleased to share you her awesome tips for holiday decorating. As someone who has just started being a homemaker, the tips were very helpful! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Enjoy!
Use New Themes for your Christmas Decorations
As Christmas and the holiday season approach, it is time to think about decorating your home again. As you pull out your old Christmas decorations you may be ready for a change. Changing your decorations from year to year can bring a fresh new approach and keep your decorations from being tired and worn out. Determining the types of decorations you like best will make it easier to plan a new look for the holidays.

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You should keep the decorations that mean the most to you, and discard the others. Decorations made by your children or handed down through the generations can be the point of focus as you plan your new holiday look. You can also move away from the traditional red and green. Many people enjoy choosing one color such as pink and complimenting it with gold and silver.

Others will use more silver and gold with the red and green to balance out the look.

Sort Through Your Old Decorations
Many people will buy decorations at the end of the year sales when they are on clearance, which can make it difficult to find the perfectly coordinated decorations for your tree and home. If your children have grown up you can also move away from the more childish Christmas decorations into something that is classy and elegant. 

Pay Attention to the Little Things:Once you have established colors and theme for your decoration you can carry the entire look throughout your home or luxury condo. Look for the little ways you can bring Christmas to your home. You can add candles in your Christmas colors to your bookshelves and tabletops, and hang a wreath on the door. Replacing your throw pillows for your living room can lend a more festive feel, and it is an easy step to complete. Subtly bringing in the colors and details can create a warm and inviting environment without overwhelming your home with Christmas décor. It can also reduce the amount of work you need to do.

Source: facebook.com via Tara on Pinterest

It is also important to recognize the areas where less is more. Instead of crowding every available space with a decoration highlight the ones that truly matter to you by giving them adequate space on your mantle or end tables. This clean look will let you enjoy your favorite pieces without overwhelming you with both set up and clean up. 

Adapt Your Christmas Decorations for the Rest of Winter: Focus on all aspects of the holidays as you plan and incorporate decorations that will work well for the New Year celebrations as well. Although you may take down your Christmas tree and some of the Christmas specific decorations, you can leave up the silver and gold colors and add decorations that remind you of winter or the fresh start. Many people use gold, silver and blue to decorate for the New Year.

Simply changing where you have your decorations and packing away the Christmas specific items will make it possible to create a warm welcoming environment for the rest of the season. It also gives you extra time during the busy winter to plan the changes you will want to make in the spring. The candles and Christmas plants you choose can be carried throughout your home for the rest of the season.
Designing a new look for the holiday season can help you create a warm and welcoming environment for any guests that you may have. Refreshing your tired decorations will energize your home for the entire winter season, as you work to incorporate the decorations past Christmas. The little changes can make the most difference. Planning with a theme in mind, whether it is with colors or around a certain heirloom decoration will make the entire process easier.


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  3. What a great post, so many wonderful tips here! I love the idea of highlighting just a few special areas, not overcrowding every nook and cranny! And weeding thru old ornaments, too! Cindy's baby shoe is just darling, and I totally adore the piano with the candles!!!


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