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Hello wonderful bloggers!

It has been a busy Christmas vacation! We have been away for almost two weeks now. I miss blogging through my computer at home but all i have right now is my Iphone and unpredictable connection during our travel as we drive from IL to TX to AZ. I feel I have been missing A LOT!
I am very excited to show pictures that i took back when i was at mumsy's home as soon as we finally get home!
But for now, I want to show you some cute miniatures in a room of our friends we where we are staying tonight.
They are so cute, that I have to take a photo and share!
We have 2 more days to go before we arrive home in Tucson. So I will see you very soon on "Snowman Hunt" game!
Be right back soon!


  1. OMGoodness, I love that little desk. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy New Year Myric.

  2. Wonderful miniatures! Safe travels!
    Happy New Year.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Oh how adorable!! Happy New Year to you and your husband!!!


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