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Christmas Wedding Jazz

Two years ago, I married a perfect man. Well, a perfect match for me!

Today is our 2nd year anniversary. It was a very simple wedding but very meaningful. My mother-in-law was my wedding planner, my father-in-law was our minister and Jon's brothers and friends played the music. They are so dear to our hearts which made the occasion extra special!

I chose Christmas theme for our wedding music as a gesture in honoring and welcoming the Lord to lead our marriage. Plus... It was around Christmas season so it was timely :)


I am sharing a song called Christmas Wedding Medley by my brother-in-law, a jazz musician who jazzed-up our wedding with his harmonic composition and for me the most beautiful wedding music I've ever heard. I could listen to it over and over again! 

I hope you enjoy this little Christmas presentation, especially to those of you jazz lovers :)


  1. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for the medley. I love jazz. I also love that you invited the Lord to lead your marriage. He leads mine as well. My husband and I have been married 22 years.

  2. Aloha Myric,
    Happy Anniversary! How wonderful to celebrate your anniversary during such a festive time of year!
    Merry Christmas!


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