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Look Who Came to Town?

They say that I should open my heart to changes, but I am not liking the new blogger's updated interface :( I apologize if it messed-up my dryer sheets tree tutorial but I fixed it now and I am back at the old blogger's interface

What a bummer! But a surprise from my mailbox salvaged me from  having a bad day!

Look who came to town!

Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings Gifts!
I didn't just get one, not two, but three gifts from my bloggy friend! 
Cindy knows I have a weakness for French Inspired crafts!
A very sweet hand written message made it extra special. I feel like a fan who just got an autograph!

...included a very nice pendant to remember her by!

It was indeed an early Christmas gift! I literally jumped when I saw this in the envelope. Now I have a piece of one of Cindy's mixed media art journal that I always adore!!! You should see her other journals!
This lady is an art machine! She just won't run out of amazing artistic ideas!
These are just a few of her awesome creations! You might want to check-out her blog if you want to be inspired. She also has free online blogging seminars  that you do not want to miss! Most of my knowledge on blogging mainly came from her books and tutorials. What great reads! I am so grateful to have her as a friend :)

Thank you so much Cindy!!! You are an angel :)


  1. Hi Myric,
    Oh gosh, I'm so glad it arrived!!! I feel like I'm Mrs. Claus tonight because I'm nowhere near done with Christmas stuff! lol

    I wanted to tell you that I keep a Christmas journal that I write in every year, but what I write in it is what we did the precious year so I can remember special events that lead up to Christmas--So, I thought that you and your hubby would have fun with this!!!
    Christmas love & hugs,

  2. Cindy is just the best, isn't she? I could tell that it was her work before I even read your post:) Love the santa journal, it's like a little work of art!!I adore the Parisian tag, and the medallion is wonderful too!

  3. What a wonderful surprise! She is very creative! A great friend!

  4. Awwww, such a sweet gift! What a wonderful friend!

  5. You lucky duck! What wonderful gifts. I will have to go visit Cindy's site.


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