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Decorating my Empanada Dough

I have been experinmenting with my empanada dough decoratively.

I learned this from watching the Amazing Race. The task was to make empanada in a certain way. If I could recall it well, just like this. Who says you can't learn anything from T.V!

This is how I did it, but please excuse the blurry photos. It was hard to take a photo with my phone in one hand while my other hand was doing the demo and all covered with flour, under yellow bulb.

Prepare the emapanada dough

Roll the dough into a thin round layer with a rolling pin. Pushing the dough flat with hand is also an alternative. Stuff the dough with empanada filling.

Fold the dough to half to cover-up the filling. Start on either end by pinching it.

Slide the end over the top of your forefinger, using your other hand of course.
Do this until you reach the other end. And that's it! It's ready to bake to enjoy!

Do you have any other decorative ideas for empanada? I would love for you to share it at my Passion Parade Friday Link Soiree!

If you are hosting a party, please feel free to link up at my "Pin Your Party" page!


  1. You are amazing, Myric! Did you remember all the ways they decorated the edges?

  2. Thanks my Dadzy! I think they did two ways. I forgot the other one. I may have to watch it again

  3. Those look amazing!! And the picture is gorgeous too. You've got skills if you can make this in one hand and take pictures with the other! I hope you'll be sharing this at my party this week ;) LOVE it!

  4. Mmmmmm, it looks beautiful, stylish AND yummy! So TV is good for us, after all :)) Thank you for visiting the pottery fair!

  5. These look very good. You did a great job being cook with one hand and photographer with the other!

  6. Hey, Myric! Just stopping by to thank you for sharing these beauties at my party! I hope to see you again this week :)


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