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Conair Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand Review

My Revlon 1-1/2"" Curling Iron is just not working so well with my fine-thin hair. Using it is like not using it at all. The barrel size was too big to give me curls.
It only game my ridiculous waves like I just woke up from bed. Plus, Its taking up so much time to heat. This madness had to stop! It's think it is time for a change. But this time, I want to make things right.

photo from amazon

Like a good shopper, I searched and searched for a reasonable curling iron at amazon. I always look first for customer reviews and ratings until Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand caught my interest. I thought I'd try and use a curling wand instead of rounded barrel to at least try to avoid damaging my hair tips when curling. 

The product description described it as made of tourmaline ceramic. Tourmaline mineral/gem is infused to a ceramic for less hair damage. I think it is nice know my curling iron is made of gem! No wonder it's shiny and sparkly!

Since this is the first time I used a curling wand, I suffered a teeny tiny minor injury. I kinda burned my ring finger which made my curling session uncomfortable.

This is my doubtful face. I felt I made a mistake! It wasn't actually the curl I expected. The waves are smaller than I wanted. It was more like a spiral rather than locks. Or maybe I just needed more practice?

But then again, I remembered Mary Louise Parker's  loose curls that I really liked. The waves seemed like nonchalantly tussled, but still looked gorgeous.

Then, the world is beautiful again! The wand size is actually great for my thin hair and created proportioned curls for nice volume. And oh! Did I mention it heats up real QUICK and so it does curl.

It may not be perfectly the same as Mary Loiuse's hair, but I got the easy loose curls I admire. 
In a nutshell, I love it! For it's price, I think it is very reasonable

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  1. Je trouve que le résultat obtenu avec votre fer à friser est concluant et j'aime beaucoup votre coiffure...

    Gros bisous


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